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Golf on the Moon by Dick Hess

Title: Golf on the Moon golf

Author: Dick Hess

Publisher: Dover Publications

Published: July 2014

Pages: 160

Rating: 5/5

Link to this book on amazon.co.uk

Fantastic collection of mathematical puzzles – some easy, others take much more thinking about! This is the sort of book that you could dip into when you want to give your brain a bit of a work out, rather than just something to read. It is also a great potential resource for teachers who like to challenge their pupils –  I would have loved to have used one or two puzzles at a time to challenge pupils to have a go at solving. As well as logical problems, there are word problems and sports related ones, mathematical ones – a wide variety carefully categorised so you can decide which sort you’d like to have a go at any time, something to suit everyone, and the explanations at the end are clear, concise and very useful. It is supposedly aimed at the 12years+ age group but I know some of the primary aged children I’ve taught would have the resilience and ability to solve many of these – and welcomed the opportunity to do so!


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