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Tibetan Cross by Mike Bond

Title: Tibetan Cross

Author: Mike Bond

Publisher: AuthorBuzz

Published: September 2014

Rating: 3/5 for writing style, not for the appeal of content!

An e-copy of this book was provided by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for this – a very honest review.

What a confusing opinion I have about this book – sorry! It is action packed from the very start, with three friends leading a group into Nepal and the Himalayas. They are supposedly going on a photo shoot and are being paid well over the odds for leading this trek . . . . then things start to go wrong for them in a big way! The story is a twisting turning story involving murder, intrigue and double dealing – you’re never quite sure who is friend or foe!

It is a very blood thirsty tale and has a lot of ‘murder first and ask questions later’ action, as well as graphic descriptions of torture but I can certainly see it appealing to people who distrust agencies like the CIA and enjoy full action adventure stories. Personally, I did, somehow, read it to the very end and appreciated the manner in which the author encouraged readers to empathise with the ‘hero’ despite his actions and confusion. The author describes settings, events and interactions in an excellent believable manner that helps the reader visualise them – but this really isn’t a book I can say that I enjoyed or would recommend to my friends. An excellent author but writing about something which may well have roots in the truth but which I don’t enjoy in my probably idealised version of the world – sorry!

For the first time ever on my blog, no image or links provided for this book deliberately, if you want a copy then you’ll need to do your own searching for it, definitely an adult book.

I need something a lot lighter to read next to help me recover from this one! Usually I mange to read and review books in a day or two, but this book took me almost a week as I really didn’t want to read it but felt I needed to find out what happened in the end . . . I did like the ending and it leaves things open to continue the story of what happened to the final two characters, it could easily be the first in a series but I admit I’ll not be reading any sequel, too traumatic!

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