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Protecting his Witch by Zoe Forward

Title: Protecting his Witch  Protecting his witch

Author: Zoe Forward

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published: October 2014

Pages: 244

Rating: 5/5

Kat Ramsey is a vet who has a few paranormal traits – like she can read minds and sometimes hops to a different dimension – but is trying get on with her life despite these. One time she accidentally hops to an alternative dimension where she meets Matthew Ryan – and the chemistry between them is phenomenal. Unfortunately, the next morning his girlfriend turns up and he, the slime ball, sends Kat away without a thank you or her clothes, just wrapped in a sheet! As she leaves, Matt is convinced she’s cursed him to never find satisfaction with another woman . . . .

Ten years later, Kat dimension hops again and I’m sure you’ve guessed who she meets, again their sexual chemistry is volatile to put it mildly! Trying not to give anything away, now the adventures really start as druids, sentries, the Pleiades seven sister witches and their antagonists all interact in dramatic fashion whilst Matt and Kat struggle to understand their relationship and protect each other. The story is well written with some humorous episodes as well as heartbreaking ones, the characters are well rounded and it is easy to empathise with many of them.

I have no hesitation in recommending this story and I’ll certainly be looking out for future stories in this series – I hope there will be books with at least one about Eli, Matt’s twin brother and another about Serenity, one of the Pleiades witches. Thanks to Entangled for letting me read this story in exchange for an honest review.

Links to purchase this book online include:

amazon.co.uk     amazon.com     barnes and noble

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