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The Bachelor’s Baby by Dani Collins

Title: The Bachelor’s Baby (Bachelor Auction Book 3)Bachelors Baby

Author: Dani Collins

Publisher: Montana Born Books -Tule Publishing

Published: March 6th, 2015

Rating: 4/5

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Montana Born Books that I’ve read in the last six months and this one in no exception!  This is the third in the Bachelor Auction series and the background to all of them is that Molly’s son, Josh, has been injured in a serious accident resulting in him now being unable to walk. Her friends, led by Lily Taylor, want to help them so have arranged an event to help raise money to help modify their home to make it more accessible for Josh and to help them generally. The event is something special – they are going to auction off dates with some of the town’s most eligible bachelors! The men concerned aren’t quite sure how they’ve been talked, cajoled or manipulated into agreeing to this, but they have agreed to go on a date of their choosing with the highest bidder.

This story concerns Meg Canon, who has come back to Marietta to pack up her things from her childhood bedroom at what is now her brother’s home – and to escape the attention of a stalker. Back in Chicago she’s a television presenter and now has bodyguards to try to prevent the stalker actually reaching her. Home will be a much calmer scenario, or so she hopes! On the way home the snow causes her to skid and the new man from a neighbouring farm, Linc Brady, is happy to help but then propositions her! 

Later, in town, Meg suggests to Lily that Linc might be a good bachelor for the auction and, without realising what he’s consenting to, Linc agrees to take part. He’s not happy at how Meg has set him up and there are fireworks between them. When the auction takes place, the fireworks become public as he outbids her for a date with him – he’d rather pay more money to the cause than go on a date with her, or that’s how Meg reads the situation.

What follows is a lesson for all, as contraception strategies (other than abstinence) don’t always work . . . . What will happen to the pair as nature gives them a reason to extend their one night stand? Will love find a way or will it be drowned by the thought of nappies and commitment? With lots of spicy and heart wrenching moments his is a great addition to the series. I still love how these books are written by different authors yet all relate to each other with some characters, settings and events in common. Congratulations on whoever coordinated the series on doing a spectacular job!

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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