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A Day in Canada by Per-Henrik Gürth

Title: A Day in CanadaA Day In Canada

Author and Illustrator: Per-Henrik Gürth

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Published: March 1st, 2015

Rating: 4/5

This book gives a quick tour of Canada, showing a variety of activities and places to visit from coast to coast – all this supposedly happens in one day! It is a great way to show some of the highlights of the country, will colourful, cartoon style characters and images – young children will find it very appealing.

As a teacher, I think this book would be a very useful introductory text to share with pupils who are starting to learn about Canada. It would also be useful when completing work on time as it includes both analogue and digital clocks. For older pupils they could investigate distances between the places and see if it really would be possible to visit them in the times indicated. They could also plot possible routes, check timetables and ticket prices for journeys and entry charges, find out more about the places, maybe even create advertisements or guide books with further information about specific places mentioned or find out others that the author omitted. Potentially, a very useful starting point for stimulating further investigations and work.

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too,
for letting me read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including
amazon.co.uk    amazon.com     barnes and noble

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