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Sorry I’m Not Sorry by Nancy N Rue

Title: Sorry I’m Not Sorry,  An Honest Look at Bullying from the Bully, Mean Girl MakeoverSorry I'm Not Sorry

Author: Nancy N Rue

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Children’s

Published: April 28th, 2015

Rating: 5/5

This book tells the story of Kylie Steppe who used to be the leader of the ‘popular’ girls at Gold Country Middle School. She was a bully who encouraged others to bully students who didn’t fit into her clique but now they’ve gone too far, been named and shamed and she’s in danger of being expelled from the school. To avoid this, Kylie has to attend mandatory counselling with Lydia and complete tasks, including working as a teaching assistant at a summer camp for less fortunate, younger children. Kylie initially is resistant to all these measures but, without her posse to support her, counselling that makes her reevaluate her attitude and gives her goals, can she turn her life around?

This is brilliantly told from Kylie’s point of view. Through the story it is slowly revealed why she has acted in this manner and the blame isn’t all on her. It also includes others who bully, including Kylie’s mother and one of the students at the camp and examples of cyber bullying. If only every child could have a Lydia in their life to help support and guide them, the world would be a better place for everyone! Really impressed with this and would recommend all tweens read it – it doesn’t excuse bullying but does helps develop understanding of why bullies behave as they do. I understand there are two other books in the series sharing the story from the points of view of the victim and a bystander but haven’t read either. If they are as engaging as this one, the set should be mandatory texts for pupils in this age group!

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too,
for letting me read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including
amazon.co.uk          amazon.com          barnes and noble

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