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Release Day: What I Absolutely Refuse to Do

I’ve reviewed this delightful book today and thought you might be interested in reading more from this brilliant author!

Sarah Ballance

pumpkin carnage, my house 2014 pumpkin carnage, my house, 2014

I love fall. So freaking much. There’s something about that cool, crisp air that breathes life. It’s as much “spring” to me as spring is, but better. It’s brand new sweatshirts that couldn’t be softer, or that first night where burrowing into a warm bed feels just right. It’s hot chocolate piled with marshmallows, or melted chocolate s’mores over an open flame. It’s the harvest and cold, clear nights. It’s leaves jolted from their branches with every stiff breeze to thicken the air with explosive color and the joyful noise they make crunching underfoot. It’s hayrides and haunted houses and the return of American Horror Story. It’s…pumpkin everything.


Yes, I said nope.

As much as I love fall, I shudder over the trend to let’s-make-everything-edible-pumpkin-flavored. I do love pumpkin pie and homemade pumpkin cheesecake is amazing, but pumpkin coffee? And creamer? And pumpkin frappuccino?…

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