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Review: On That Christmas Night by Lois Rock

Title: On That Christmas NightOn the Christmas Night

Author: Lois Rock

Illustrator: Alison Jay

Publisher: Lion Hudson, Lion Children’s Books

Release Date: September 18th, 2015

Rating: 4/5

This is a beautifully illustrated retelling of the Christian Christmas story. It gives historical context to the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem but in a child friendly manner making the whole story easy for them to relate to.

The illustrations are especially pertinent and superb throughout the story, using a mixture of vignettes, borders and full page pictures to help aid the child’s understanding of the events, people and places involved in this retelling of the story which is obviously scripture based. I suspect this book will particularly appeal to anyone wishing to share the story of that first Christmas night and the events immediately before and after it with children.

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too for provided an ARC for me to read in exchange for this, my honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

amazon.co.uk           amazon.com    


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