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Review: Win Me by Joan Kilby

Win MeTitle: Win Me, The Outback Bachelor Ball #1

Author: Joan Kilby

Publisher: Joan Kilby

Release Date: October 20th, 2015

Rating: 5/5

This is the first in a trilogy, each book written by a different author but all concerning three friends who went to boarding school together and have been best friends ever since. They may live in different countries, but they are still there for one another. After a particularly traumatic time for them all, they decide to meet up and go tot the Outdoor Bachelor and Spinster Ball, not realising that this event will change all of their lives – for the better!

It actually doesn’t matter what order you read these novellas in, they each focus on the events from the point of view of one of the friends and this one concentrates on Ellie McFarlane, who had left her home ranch to go to College and then work in the US but is now going home again, back to the ranch where she grew up to her Dad and the man she’s always loved and never forgotten despite their six years apart.

Rick Drummond is the love of Ellie’s life but he promised her father to stay away from her when they were both teenagers. Now she’s coming home and he’s still just as attracted to her. When he hears she’s going to the Ball he can’t resist going to keep an eye on her and to keep her safe. There are other considerations too, as his old family ranch is going to be for sale, should he buy it and move back there? When he see’s Ellie all dressed up and the belle of the ball, will he be able to resist? If he does, who might she meet? If he doesn’t, life will never be the same for either of them!

This may be a novella but it is still packed with angst, turmoil, misunderstandings and romance. The characters are well written, complex and superbly portrayed making them easy to relate to. The details of events are shared in a manner which brings them to life in the imagination of the reader – as if they are watching events unfold in front of them.

Needless to say, I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys their romantic reads with strong young ladies, handsome Aussie heroes and an excellent plot in an action packed novella. I really enjoyed this quick read and can’t wait to read the two other books in this series!

Thanks to the authors for letting me read an ARC of this series in exchange for this, an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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The Outback Bachelor Ball

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