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Guest Post: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

by Joan Kilby, Karina Bliss and Sarah Mayberry

Three best girlfriends, Beth, Jen and Ellie, turn to each other for support after their romantic lives go belly up. Together they head out on a road trip to the Australian Outback and a huge party, country-style. That was the starting point for The Outback Bachelor Ball series – Win Me, Woo Me and Wait For Me.

As our stories evolved, it was a real joy to see these women interacting on the page, laughing and egging each other on to new heights of silliness and daring, all the while knowing that no matter what crisis befalls them, the others will always have their backs, as true friends do.

And the crises they encounter? The heroes, of course.

Win MeEllie, the heroine of Win Me, lives and works on a cattle station. She’s down-to-earth, a straight shooter, and fearless. She doesn’t back down from anything, whether it’s a broken truck engine or a boneheaded cowboy named Rick who’s in denial about his feelings for her. Ellie’s weak point is her lack of confidence in her femininity. She’d rather battle a tiger snake than dress up and put herself out there, but with Jen and Beth’s encouragement and help, she transforms into a sexy, glamorous woman for the ball. She’s vowed to move on from Rick but now that she finally has his attention, will she give him one last shot? And now that Rick has woken up, can he get past his barriers to the union, buried deep in his past?

Woo MeJen, the heroine of Woo Me, is a super-organized conference planner. Cool under pressure, her unstable childhood has made her over-cautious in her love-life. A closet romantic, she doesn’t believe she’s capable of feeling – or inspiring – grand passion. The only people she lets see ‘fun’ Jen are her besties, Beth and Ellie, who dare her to wear a cow suit to the Bachelor & Spinster Ball.

Hidden inside her costume, she can be anyone she wants and she’s liking the way Logan the security guard sees her as adventurous, feisty and flirty. It’s too easy to tell the former soldier her secrets, too easy to empathize with his. If Jen didn’t know better she’d think they were soulmates. Logan certainly does and his calm certainty is strangely seductive… if she has the courage to seize their happy ever after.

Wait For MeBeth, the heroine of Wait For Me is still reeling from the revelation that her husband – soon to be ex – has given Tiger Woods a run for his money in the infidelity stakes.  She’s angry and hurt, but a lot of that anger is directed at herself for being so gullible and trusting. It’s going to take a special man to help her heal – and his name is Jonah Masters. Passionate, sweet and sexy, Jonah has had a thing for Beth for years, and he’s more than happy to do whatever it takes to convince her to take a chance on him. He loves how down-to-earth Beth is – something she admires about him, too, because even though he’s made it big, Jonah is still the decent man she first met three years ago.  They share a love of music, but best of all, they “get” each other. They always have. But is the connection they share enough to overcome the hurt Beth has suffered?

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