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Review: What Happens at Christmas by TA Williams

Title: What Happens at ChristmasWhat Happens at Xmas

Author: TA Williams

Publisher: Carina UK

Release Date: October 22nd, 2015

Rating 5/5

I loved this superb story from the very first page to the very end. It is an enthralling read about the revelations made by a young lady discovering why her father disappeared from her life when she was only seven years old. Tragically this is brought about because he has died without ever seeing her, but he’s made her the main beneficiary. She’s been bitter about him vanishing from her life all those years ago but was unaware of why it happened and has had no contact with him since. As she explores his old home, she makes discoveries that will directly impact on her future and her memories of her once beloved father. As she meets people who knew him, she has to revise her opinions about him and come to terms with how her mother’s actions impacted on all their lives. She also gets to know some of the delightfully quirky friends he had in the village and makes some of her own. This makes her question her own life choices, making her reevaluate her own life choices and enables her to unlock not only her own heart. This is a story of love lost and found, poignant and profound whilst also funny, entertaining and uplifting!

As I read this story I was actually sat for some of the time watching surfers out on the rolling waves of the Atlantic – but the temperatures here were much warmer than th characters in the story experienced . If you read the story you’ll see why this was so appropriate! I also had in my head a picture of the author tasting and thoroughly enjoying some of the wines described in the story, images of which he also used to promote the book on Twitter – what a brilliant excuse! The story has many characters who are well developed, with histories which impinge on their relationships past, present and future. Their stories are interwoven in a seamless manner to create a beautiful, delightful and endearing tale that I thoroughly enjoyed and have no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys exploring lives, village life, family histories and, of course, romance together with a taste of West Country village life as the festive season approaches.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including
amazon.co.uk    and    barnes and noble

12 comments on “Review: What Happens at Christmas by TA Williams

  1. jodykeisha
    October 28, 2015

    I just love this review, Bicted!! I hope I can find this book in the US.


    • bicted
      October 29, 2015

      I highly recommend any books by this author – great stories, well written with humour, angst and romance, always enthralling reads, too! Hope you manage to get yourself a copy and enjoy it, too!


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