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Review: Your B and B or Mine? by Melissa West

Title:  Your B&B or Mine? Your B&B or Mine

Author: Melissa West

Publisher: Entangled Bliss, Entangled Publishing

Published:  November 9th, 2015

Rating: 4.5/5

This is a delightful bliss second chance romance involving overcoming feelings of inadequacy, acknowledging that what your parents are or were don’t have to determine your own value but still fighting for family heritage.

As a teenager, Savannah Hale lived in Maple Cove, Georgia at the B&B run by her parents. She used to go round with Will and Logan, Will being her boyfriend, though it is really Logan she loves. Will and Logan joined the armed services and, unfortunately,Will was killed whilst on tour in Afghanistan. Logan is the one who came back home and supported Savannah through the tragic funeral, then, after kissing her, disappeared from her life to return back to the army without even saying goodbye or leaving a note.

Now Savannah’s Mother has died, so she’s returned home for the second time in years – the first time was for her father’s funeral. She discovers that the family run B&B is in financial difficulties but is still shocked when Logan turns up and claims he’ll be buying the business on behalf of his employers before she’s even had chance to bury her Mum. You’ll have to read it yourself to discover how small time gossips, past history and fighting for the future all play their role in this well written second chance romance.

Thanks to the Author, publisher and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

amazon.co.uk           amazon.com          barnes and noble

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