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Review: Mystical America by Laura Sullivan


I normally read and review books but was offered the chance to listen to this album in exchange for an honest review, and I am so glad I agreed! The music is evocative, relaxing, calming and delightful. I’d never heard of Laura Sullivan before but what a talented composer and pianist she is – wow!

There are twelve tracks on this album, eleven are her own compositions and the twelfth is a superb arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. All are named for special locations and mirror the mystical powers such places have over those visiting them. They reflect the majesty and tranquility of these iconic places, taking you on a musical journey to these mystical places, helping the listener imbibe their incredible, ageless peace, painting serene images in the listener’s imagination . . . .

Want to relax after a dramatic or hectic time, try listening to this beautiful album! I could actually imagine using it in quiet or circle time in school to help children relax or cool down after stressful or energetic activities. I’m enjoying listening to it any chance I get, each track is different yet equally calming and beautiful.

Yes, totally different for me to be reviewing but I’m very grateful for being given this opportunity . . . . many thanks to Laura Sullivan for offering me the chance to do so! Needless to say I highly recommend this beautiful music . . . with more like this in the world maybe peace would actually stand a chance?

Laura has her own website at http://www.laura-sullivan.com/index/

This album is available from a wide variety of sources including:

amazon.co.uk        amazon.com        B&N

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