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Review: Jared by Alisa Woods

TitleJared, Alisa Woods, River Pack Wolves #3Jared

Author: Alisa Woods

Publisher: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Release Date: October 29th, 2015

Rating 4/5

This is the third, concluding story in the thrilling, paranormal saga, the River Pack Wolves series. It is a standalone story but follows on from the other two and I’ve enjoyed reading all three so recommend others try to read them in the correct order.

Jared River has had enough of all the anti-shifter rhetoric being spouted by Senator Krepky, so much so that he’s prepared to use his ex-Marine talents as a top sniper to kill the politician. He’s poised, armed, targeted and ready to shoot but the Senator is with his daughter arguing . . . then when she storms out of the room, he sees an even more amazing sight – she shifts into a beautiful, petite, white wolf! Jared is unable to resist, abandons his gun and chases after the fleeing girl determined to protect her but in a dilemma about either getting her to reveal herself as a shifter to her father or him still shooting him. As the fortress around his heart starts to crumble, will he be able to keep her safe and stop the senator’s anti-shifter legislation?

As father/daughter relationships go, Senator Krepky really enjoys having his daughter as his campaign manager. She’s focussed, hardworking and very supportive. He, however, is unaware she’s a shifter and the current legislation he’s trying to push through will severely impact on her, too. Their relationship, the legislation and the mysterious Smith, all play key roles as the story unfolds. It was great to learn what happened to Jared to make him so closed off – and brilliant to see him re-emerging to live again.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading a fast paced, engaging thriller with danger, torture, supportive families, military heroes, hot shifters and secrets to be revealed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and can’t wait to start the ‘Wilding Pack Wolves’ series which continues on from this one.

Thanks to the author for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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