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Review: Reap by Tillie Cole

Title: Reap, A Scarred Souls NovelReap

Author: Tillie Cole

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Print Length: 257 pages

Release Date: November 10th, 2015

Rating: Beginning 1/5  Middle: 3/5  End 5/5!! Overall 3.5/5

This is the second book in the series and, whilst it works as a standalone, I suspect it would be much more enjoyable had I read the first novel before this.

I actually found it initially difficult to relate to this story but I’m so glad I persevered as, in the end, it was definitely worth it. The Russian Bratva life seems to be the equivalent of the Italian mafia, with mobs aligned to one particular family, led by the father of that family. With kidnapped children and young teens being subjected to horrific treatment, physical and medical abuse they are being ‘trained’ to become unthinking, obedient killers in criminal underground cage fights. They are slaves, not allowed to have any existence apart from obeying their master. Escaping isn’t usually an option and love is something they have beaten out of them, obeying their master is their only desire.

It isn’t an easy read. Much of it is horrific abuse. Love, however, plays an important role in breaking the conditioning, reversing family vendettas and ending the whole system. Don’t pick this if you’re looking for a cute romance. This is heartbreaking, the victims are so damaged, but love will find a way and that ending – wow!

Thanks to the publishers for inviting me to read this in exchange for this, my honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

amazon.co.uk           amazon.com          barnes and noble

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