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Jenna Jaxon: Merry Christmas – Regency Style

I don’t often reblog other people’s posts but couldn’t resist doing so with this one. Thanks to Sarah Ballance for giving me her permission to do so – please go check out her blog, too, at https://sarahballance.wordpress.com !

Sarah Ballance

Please welcome guest author Jenna Jaxon with A Kiss Beneath the Mistletoe.

AKBTM15Many people—me included—think our Christmas traditions extend much farther back in history than they do. But when I was doing research about Christmas during the Regency period for A Kiss Beneath the Mistletoe, I discovered that Christmas and how we celebrate it, was greatly influenced by the Victorians, and especially after Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol. This left me scratching my head and asking myself, “So what exactly would they have done during the Regency at Christmas?” The answer is a bit surprising.

Christmas during the Regency was celebrated, to be sure, however, it was usually a much quieter, family oriented holiday, lacking almost all of the commercialism that we see later in the century and in our own time. And tended to be celebrated in the country more than the city. People might…

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