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I loved this fantastic fantasy – check out the December giveaways relating to it on this post from the bookworm coalition!

Bookworm Coalition

Shattered Blue - Lauren Bird Horowitz

Lauren Bird Horowitz, Author of Shattered Blue is at it again! She just started another fabulous giveaway that is sure to have at least a few things that are on your wish list! All of these are totally on mine!

So in this wonderful bag of goodies one lucky winner gets, a copyHarry Potter Illustrated, 3 Harry Potter Funko Pop friends, Noa’s talisman (from Shattered Blue) made by the talented Zoe Cope Jewelry, a signed copy of Shattered Blue, and a $100 Amazon gift card!! So basically all just a whole bunch of awesomeness in one package!

You can enter this amazingrafflecopter giveaway here: http://laurenbirdhorowitz.com/december-giveaway-bonanza-holidayfae-last-month-of-spreadtheword/

But that’s not all! Lauren also has another giveaway that is still running, throughout the rest of December as well! This one has a whopping $400 gift card and a signed copy of Shattered Blue! Which you can enter with the same link provided above!

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