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Review: Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes by Lindsey Paley

Title: Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes, Camille Carter #1 Snowflakes and Xmas Cakes

Author:  Lindsey Paley

Publisher: Purple Heather Publishing

Pages: 178

Date of Publication: June 15th, 2015

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

I’d heard good things about this book via twitter and succumbed to temptation and obtained a copy – and I’m so glad I did! This is one of those rare stories where the author is a true artist, a virtuoso of the first order, using descriptive vocabulary to paint vivid images of scenes and scenarios in the reader’s imagination. Not only that but the plot is brilliant – I definitely didn’t foresee events having the twists revealed near the end! (Sorry, I definitely don’t want to give spoilers away so am trying to restrain myself from discussing what happens!)

The characters are complex, well defined and robustly portrayed – so much so it feels as though you’ve actually met and interacted with them in real life and not just in the virtual story world. I loved klutzy, totally disorganised, fantastic chef, Millie! She’s been through so much and is definitely ready for positive changes in her life – and boy, what a dramatic adventure this all turns out to be in the snow-bound Lake District! As for the men she meets up there, well, just don’t take any of them at face value – there are some real surprises amongst them!

This story has all the ingredients for a fantastic read – written by a talented wordsmith, with superb characters, add in an enthralling roller coaster plot spiced with lots of humour, mystery and suspense together with a Michelin star winning chef and you’re guaranteed to cook up a delicious, delectable read! I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending this fantastic novel and I’ll certainly be looking out for more by this author in future!


When all-round buttercream princess, Millie Carter, becomes stranded at Craiglea Manor Cookery School, she believes her chance of enjoying a merry festive season is over.

The village of Aisford is Christmas-card perfect, but Millie hates it – she hates the snow, her freezing fingertips, and being forced to look like her Aunt Marjory in a mud-splattered wax jacket and wellies instead of her beloved shorts and sparkly sandals.

She plots her escape but ends up locking spatulas with the estate manager, Fergus McKenzie, who is forced to rescue her before she succumbs to a severe dose of hypothermia. Things start to improve with the arrival of handsome Sam Morgan, fresh from the beaches and rum shacks of the Caribbean.

Can Millie accept her fate? And will Aisford sprinkle some of its seasonal magic on her troubles?

Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes is a festive story of love and friendship and reaching for the buttercream icing and edible glitter when life gets tough.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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