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Memorable March: The Possible Police by Wylde Scott

Title: The Possible Police Possible Police

Author: Wylde Scott

Publisher: Wylde Press

Published: October 15th, 2014

Rating: 5/5 *****

A story like this – that’s told in rhyme
Will appeal to children every time!

Telling children like this what they cannot do
Makes them want to make dreams come true

A brilliant, fantastic, superb book, a super star

That deserves to be read, near and far

Well illustrated and told
Likely to become a classic for young and old

I imagine children will want to take a look
And read, re-read, re-read this book

Teachers and parents should look at it for
It could encourage children to try for sure

To prove to the Possible Police it is true
Your dreams are the only limit for me and you.

Always strive to achieve what you want to do
Then your own dreams may also come true!

I reviewed this book some time ago but have to say

I’ve renewed it again as it is actually published today!

Amongst others, this book is available from:

amazon.co.uk   amazon.com    barnes and noble


March 2016: This was a review I wrote during my first few months of blogging. I actually shared this book with two classes of pupils and they were all as inspired by it as me. Really recommend this for any child who needs encouraging to go for their dreams!

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