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Memorable March: Here come the Aliens! by Colin McNaughton

Title : Here Come the Aliens   Here Come the Aliens

Author: Colin McNaughton

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Published: September 1997

Pages: 32

Rating: 5/5

Another fantastic story told in rhyme
A hit with children every time
I’ve used it with children aged from five to ten
And they always want to read it again and again

The illustrations are hilarious – great stimuli for talk
Such as how they might eat, fight, run and walk
The descriptions encapsulate their features so well
That children like their own versions to tell

Adults love the humour, that is so true
And children are inspired their own versions to do
This book is a great hit, as far as I’m concerned
And through its use many children have learned

So this is a great book
I recommend you go take a look
The story is cool, even today
Ask any child, listen to what they say!

Whilst I always encourage people to use their high street booksellers whenever possible to help keep them trading and open for business, this book is also available from a wide variety of online stores, including:

amazon.co.uk         amazon.com       barnes and noble 

March 2016: This is a book I have used for many years with classes of children from six to eleven years old and they have all been inspired by it! Definitely a great, fun read and trigger for lots of different activities!

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