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Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Title: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Series: Flawed #1

Author: Cecelia Ahert


Harper Collins UK

Macmillan Children’s Publishing

Date of Publication

March 24th, 2016

April 5th, 2016




 Flawed1  Flawed1a

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is about a seventeen year old girl who lives in a dystopian future where everyone endeavours to be perfect and imperfection is punished by being branded as flawed. Celestine North is a naive young lady, a studious teen who thinks she has her life planned out before her, a perfect future. The girl is the epitome of a good girl, never too popular, always hard working but never a nerd, not too loud but also not too quiet, she’s perfect until an incident on a bus makes her start to question her own values, beliefs and attitudes, so much that she ends up being accused of being Flawed.

This is an emotive tale of rules being implemented that were initially created for everyone’s good but now are imposed to control and manipulate society, of the powerful craving more power without worrying about those they hurt. A tale of humanity losing its sense of humanity and compassion. Celestine North never wanted to be special, she just strived to be a perfect member of society but once she starts to realise society itself isn’t perfect life is going to change dramatically for her and everyone she loves.

Have you heard of the song with a line something like, “New York, New York, so good they named it twice” in it? Well, as far as I’m concerned this book was so good that two publishers let me read ARCs of it! That’s definitely a new one on me but just goes to show how powerful this novel is. After a somewhat hesitant start, I found this an enthralling page turner, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and have no hesitation in highly recommending to teens, young adults and adults alike. It has plenty of danger, turmoil, political intrigue and family interactions, suspense and potential romance and finishes on a cliff hanger that makes me really want to grab the next book in the series as soon as possible – I want to know what happens next! 

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Harper Collins: The gorgeous, thought-provoking first YA novel from internationally bestselling author Cecelia Ahern.

FLAWED is set in a powerfully realised society where perfection is valued above humanity, with an intense love story at its centre. Good-girl Celestine has always agreed with the system but following an act of kindness towards one of the Flawed is herself excluded and soon she is fighting for her own survival – and for love.

Hugely accessible, emotionally resonant and with a character who will seize the hearts of anyone who meets her, this is the ideal book for anyone who has ever felt the pressure to be perfect.

Macmillan Children’s: Celestine North lives a perfect life. She’s a model daughter and sister, she’s well-liked by her classmates and teachers, and she’s dating the impossibly charming Art Crevan.

But then Celestine encounters a situation in which she makes an instinctive decision. She breaks a rule and now faces life-changing repercussions. She could be imprisoned. She could be branded. She could be found FLAWED.

In her breathtaking young adult debut, bestselling author Cecelia Ahern depicts a society in which obedience is paramount and rebellion is punished. And where one young woman decides to take a stand that could cost her everything.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

amazon.co.uk           amazon.com or amazon.com          barnes and noble

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