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Blog Tour + Review: What Happens in the Alps by T A Williams


Title: What Happens in the Alps …

Series: What Happens… 

Author: T A Williams

Publisher: Harlequin/Carina UK

Date of Publication: March 21st, 2016

Pages: 262

Rating: 5/5

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My Review:

In the description of himself, the author writes, “Life isn’t always very fair. It isn’t always a lot of fun, but when it is, we need to embrace it. If my books can put a smile on your face and maybe give your heartstrings a tug, then I know I’ve done my job.” My response to that is, “Congratulations – you’ve definitely succeeded as far as I’m concerned and please keep up with the amazing writing!”

What Happens in the AlpsA tragic climbing accident resulted in the untimely death of Annie Brewer’s husband. She’s taken two years of grieving before she’s decided to start to live her own life again. She’s moving to the beautiful Italian Alps, starting up a language school and is beginning to look forward to the future rather than lamenting what might have been. She’s not interested in looking for romance again but sometimes life just has different plans… After witnessing a collision on the ski slopes, Annie makes the acquaintance of Alessandro Lago – and Leo the Labrador star of this novel. She also renews her friendship with Matt Brown, her late husband’s best friend and climbing partner. With two new men in her life, both with totally different roles, life is definitely changing for the better. Will the wonderful winter weather help her find love again or keep her heart frozen away?

With a mysterious antagonist, possible deception and double dealing, a startling secretary and, of course, plenty of humour, this is a laugh out loud story with a heroine overcoming grief to find love when she least expected it. I love this author’s way of taking the reader into the story, I always feel like a friendly participant in his stories rather than a fly on the wall observing events and interactions. He brings his characters, settings and events to life with masterly crafted tales where my only complaint is they come to an end – I want to keep reading and know what happens next as he has made the characters the reader’s friends.

Now, you really should know by now that I love this author’s amazing story telling skills and  I have no hesitation in highly recommending this, and the other books in this series, to anyone who enjoys a superbly crafted, heart warming tale involving believable characters in a wonderful winter setting . . . and with a lovely labrador, too!

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Up in the magical, snow-kissed mountains…

Two years ago, Annie Brewer’s life was turned upside down when her adrenaline-junkie husband died in a tragic climbing accident. So she’s hoping that moving to the beautiful village of Santorso in the Italian Alps will finally put her life back on track!

…anything can happen!

She might be going into business with her oldest friend – notorious lady-charmer Matt Brown – but men are definitely out of the question for Annie! That is, until she bumps into tall, dark and delicious Alessandro Lago on the ski slopes…and spontaneously says ‘Yes’ to a date!

It must be the crisp, mountain air but suddenly, anything seems possible. The only trouble is, chivalrous Matt is looking more gorgeous than ever…

A sparkling romantic comedy guaranteed to beat the winter blues, What Happens in the Alps… is one story you don’t want miss in 2016!

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To whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt for you to read:

She breathed in deeply, the crisp mountain air cold on her lips. She pulled off a glove, dug in a pocket, pulled out a lip protection stick and ran it over her lips. As she was doing so, they heard a voice calling to them. All three of them turned as a ski instructor swept by at the head of a gaggle of little children in crash helmets, like a Chinese dragon in a festival parade.

Ciao ragazze!’ He raised his hand in salute.

Annie recognised him as he went past, rather glad to be included in the greeting as a girl alongside girls a lot younger than her. It was the same ski instructor who had appeared with the sledge to rescue the big black dog. She had felt his eyes on her then and she felt them again now as he sailed past. What was his name? Her eyes were still following him and he had almost disappeared across the slope, trailed by his cortege of six-year-olds, when it came to her. Paul. That was it. The Italian with the French name. She turned to the other two girls and saw from their faces that they knew him.

‘Do you two know him?’ They both nodded.

‘Paul Cornaz. He was at school with us.’ Rita glanced across at Paolina. ‘You had a thing for him for a while, didn’t you?’

Paolina nodded. ‘But he wasn’t interested in me. Every time I tried to talk to him he just clammed up and ignored me. Shame, because he’s got the most amazing thigh muscles.’ She caught Annie’s eye and looked a bit bashful. ‘I’ve got a thing about men’s thighs.’

Annie was surprised to realise that she, on the other hand, had had her eyes trained on another part of the young skier’s body. Clearly, different parts of the male anatomy appealed to different women. She shook her head to clear it of the image of Paul’s muscular bottom and reached for her goggles. As she did so, just to add to her confusion, she saw a tall figure in a blue jacket ski elegantly past and found herself wondering if it might be Alessandro with the bright blue eyes, rather hoping it was. As he, too, disappeared from sight, she pulled her goggles down over her eyes and got a grip.

Bè, andiamo?’

They had a spectacular morning, skiing their way around the natural amphitheatre that made up the ski domain of Montalto. Away to the right of them, at the head of the valley, was the bulky mass of Mont Blanc, while back behind them they couldn’t miss the magnificent monolith that was the Matterhorn, or Cervino, as the Italians called it. The two girls skied fluently and naturally, unsurprising as they had started almost at the same time as they started to walk. They did red runs and blue runs, black runs and some powder snow, although the depth of the powder hadn’t built up quite enough by then. It was only a degree or two above zero, but the unbroken sun warmed them through their clothes. By the time they stopped for a late lunchtime sandwich at the mid station restaurant, all three of them were boiling hot. By a stroke of really good luck, as they reached the chalet-style wooden building, a group got up from one of the tables on the terrace and the girls found themselves sitting in the sunshine gazing out over a natural spectacle of rock and snow that was hard to beat. Around them, people were stripped to their shirtsleeves, lapping up the sun even though they were in the depths of December. Annie took off her jacket and relaxed.

‘We’re lucky people.’ Paolina was in no doubt. Annie could only agree.

‘What a day. It’s good to be alive.’ And it was. Annie closed her eyes for a moment, glad of the concealment afforded by her dark glasses. There had been times over the past two years when she had seriously questioned just how much she had to live for, after Steve’s death had smashed her whole world apart. Now, out here, two years on, she could almost feel the shoots of new life growing inside her. Her eyes stung and a tear rolled down her cheek, but this time it wasn’t a tear of abject desperation. Steve had gone, but her own life would go on. She reached up and rubbed it away just as their food arrived. Annie picked up her glass and held it out. ‘Cin cin. It’s been a great day.’

Author BiographyTAWilliams-AuthorPhoto

Firstly, my name isn’t T A. It’s Trevor. I write under the androgynous name T A Williams because 65% of books are read by women. In my first book, “Dirty Minds” one of the (female) characters suggests the imbalance is due to the fact that men spend too much time getting drunk and watching football. I couldn’t possibly comment. Ask my wife…

I’ve written all sorts: thrillers, historical novels, short stories and now I’m enjoying myself hugely writing humour and romance. Romantic comedies are what we all need from time to time. Life isn’t always very fair. It isn’t always a lot of fun, but when it is, we need to embrace it. If my books can put a smile on your face and maybe give your heartstrings a tug, then I know I’ve done my job.

I‘ve lived all over Europe, but now I live in a little village in sleepy Devon, tucked away in south west England. I love the place. That’s why you’ll find leafy lanes and thatched cottages in most of my books. Oh, yes, and a black Labrador. 

I’ve been writing since I was 14 and that is half a century ago. However, underneath this bald, wrinkly exterior, there beats the heart of a youngster. My wife is convinced I will never grow up. I hope she’s right.

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Many thanks to Karan Eleni for organising and providing materials for this blog tour – but the review is my honest review of this book which I obtained via NetGalley from the author and publishers. To visit other stops on the tour, see the tour schedule page.

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