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Review: Malicious by Alissa T Hunter

Title: Malicious by Alissa T HunterMalicious

Series: A Morning Star Institute Novel #1

Author: Alissa T Hunter

Publishers: MuseItUp Publishing

Date of Publication: July 2nd, 2014

Pages: 295

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is another great paranormal thriller but this time the key characters are teenagers in a private school, the Morning Star Institute. Now whilst this school is a private one, it isn’t your usual education establishment as it is a school where Hellions attend to hone their skills! The leading young lady in this story is Desdemona Starr (aka Dessi), the daughter of the Devil and most of the young men attending with her are Hell hounds in training.

The story has the central theme of good v evil, with angels, demons, pixies, shifters and even a vampire making their appearances. As Dessi tries to avoid being captured by the beings seeking her by attacking the school, she seeks her older brother’s assistance in preventing more casualties. Protected by one particular Hell hound, sought for romance by the one she’d always looked upon as her best friend, Dessi is undergoing changes as she matures into her future role. With a potential love triangle, folks who really can’t be trusted and so much going on in her life, this is going to be an adventure with hidden dangers deftly woven into this intriguing plot making this a real page turner,

The story is brilliantly crafted, with great imagery bringing the scenarios and creatures to life in the reader’s imagination. It has characters it is easy to empathise with and relate to, you feel the angst and turmoil of Dessi as she lives through the dramatic and dangerous encounters. It was difficult to put this down at any stage, I wanted to read more at any opportunity. Now I really want to know what happens in the future novels in this paranormal adventure and romance! This is a fast paced thriller, packed with action and suspense making it so easy to highly recommend it to anyone who likes this genre from teens upwards.

Thanks to the author and publishers for gifting me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Being the daughter to the Devil has its draw backs, just ask seventeen-year-old Desdemona Starr, aka Dessi, who attends the Morning Star Institute, a private school where teenage Hellions, paranormals like Dessi, can learn and practice their Hell-given crafts. There Dessi’s life takes a dramatic turn towards chaos when she learns she’s part of a prophecy foretelling that she will one day tip the scale of Light or Dark, ultimately creating a war between Heaven and Hell.

Dessi finds herself at the top of the hit list when soul-sucking demons attack the institute in an attempt to end the prophecy. Thankfully, Dessi has two of the strongest teenage shape-shifting-Hellh ound-boys on her side. Not to mention finding herself within a love triangle can only complicate matters. Until she chooses her path and the prophecy ends, her internal war between Light and Dark is not over. Danger lurks around the corner with the help of her friends, she’ll be ready!

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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