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Review: Offered / Taken / Claimed by the Werewolves by Crystal L Shaw

Shifters of Shadow FallsTitle: Offered / Taken / Claimed

Series: Shifters of Shadow Falls #1 – 3

Author: Crystal L Shaw

Publishers: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: April 2nd, 2016

Pages: 320

Rating: 3.5/5

My Review:

In this dystopian world, there are pacts between the humans and paranormal beings aimed at keeping the humans safe from the worst of paranormal abuses. One of these pacts is between the shifters of shadow falls and the humans there. As part of this every year young women are offered to the werewolf shifters. For decades, no one had been taken by them but that changes this year when two young girls, Ariana and Lizie, are both selected . . . It is time for them to learn what this means and the impact on the rest of their lives. This happens in the first novel in the series and the second and third novels continue to reveal more about their lives with the werewolves, secrets from the paranormal communities and other mated pairs.

I really enjoyed the carefully constructed plot, with great characters, many of whom have secrets which impact on their reactions to situations and other people and excellent writing. The scenarios are well portrayed, making it easy to visualise in your imagination and to react to emotionally. I’ll be honest and say I actually loved the stories as a whole but would prefer to not have such detailed descriptions of sexual interactions especially when they are abusive in their nature – but there again, I don’t like reading erotica whilst others revel in doing so, each to their own! The insta love felt by the males is not necessarily unders tood by their mate, making it difficult for the females to comprehend what is happening to them. The males are, however, protective of their females but unsurprisingly don’t understand their reactions – now come on, how many males truly understand the women in their lives?!? There are problems with authorities and dangers, as well as individual difficulties to be overcome as all concerned seek their own HEA in this engaging new paranormal series.

Thanks to the author for gifting me ARCs of these three books in exchange for my honest review.


Every year Shadow Falls offers its young women to the werewolf shifters in exchange for the town’s protection — there’s no refusal.

OfferedOffered to the Werewolves:

Ariana and Lizie grew up relying only on each other, finding their confidence and happiness in one another. Today of all days, they’re relying on each other for strength. Today they are being presented to the Shadow Falls werewolf pack. It’s law; Ariana and Lizzie have no choice. The werewolves haven’t taken anyone in decades and the pair were sure this year would be no different. But as the day dawns, Ariana can’t shake the uneasy feeling that something isn’t right.

Devin, the Alpha, may keep his emotions in check when it comes to his pack, but he can’t help the grin pulling at his lips when he sees his mate. His confident, strong-willed mate, Ariana, doesn’t bow to anyone, but he’s determined to win her over.

TakenTaken by the Werwolves:

Ariana is a beautiful, stubborn spitfire and the mate to the most powerful alpha, Devin, on this side of the nation. He took Ari without her consent and bulldozed his way through her calm, hard-earned life. Now that the claiming day is here, she continues to struggle with her new identity which is simply to be his mate and be happy with it. She’s never let a man dictate her life, why should she start now?

Lizie is a gorgeous, spirited, latent wolf radiating light and happiness, but her mates, the sexy, muscular Betas of the Shadows Fall pack, know she’s suffering inside with the pain from her past. Her mates are opposite in many ways. One hard and savage, the other a skilled hunter with deadly sex appeal, but they share one thing in common, their love for her and their need to heal her agony. Tortured and broken as a youth, she learned to live in denial to become the sweet and loving latent wolf they’ve claimed. She can’t get passed the truth they’ve forced her to face. Will she learn to accept that her wolf may never surface? Or will she hold onto her pain and never be able to give her heart to her mates?

ClaimedClaimed by the Werewolves

As a hot, bad ass vampire in leather, Veronica never needed anything from anyone, but she’s the mate to Vince, a beast of a werewolf covered in sex appeal and lust. She’s everything he needs. She’s willing to mate the mutt, after all, she feels the same pull as he does, but when the claiming gets rough, Veronica’s reminded of a past that turned her into the cold, hard killer she is today. Can he earn her trust and truly claim his wounded mate? Or will Veronica put the pup in the past, right where those feelings of her’s belong?

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3 comments on “Review: Offered / Taken / Claimed by the Werewolves by Crystal L Shaw

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  2. Tindra Alderback
    July 30, 2021

    where can i find this book? ive tried to find it for over a year but its like wiped out from existence


    • Splashes Into Books
      August 11, 2021

      So sorry, I can’t find it online now, either – I’ve no idea where you can get it from but will keep looking. Hope you find yourself a copy to enjoy.


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