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Blog Tour + Review: The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo

The Bouquet List Book BlitzTitle: The Bouquet List  

Series: Weddings in Westchester #1

Author: Barbara DeLeo

Publishers: Entangled Bliss, Entangled Publishing

Date of Publication: April 9th, 2016 ( orig. July  15th, 2014)

Pages: 212

My Review:TheBouquetList_recover_500

This is a great romance where life threatening illness and taking a chance on love with your older brother’s best friend both play significant parts in the story!

After recovering from the debilitating Dengue Fever, Yasmin Katsalos creates her Bouquet List of things she wants to do having survived. She has nine items on the list and has started crossing them off as she completes them – but hasn’t decided what number ten should be just yet.

Purple hair and a diamond nose stud were easy but number five is proving something of a temptation she’ll find difficult to resist. She’s wanting a fling with a tall, dark, handsome man who is out of her league and when she reencounters her brother’s best friend, Lane Griffiths, she think he fits the ideal brilliantly! He, however, values his relationship with her family and brother and is reluctant to have a fling with her, however tempting she might be. Working closely together to rejuvenate the family’s ailing wedding hall and restaurant means that they’re together making decisions and temptations will only grow. He’s serious, reserved and restrained – she isn’t! There are also some humorous moments as the two strive to select materials for the family restaurant and have very differing ideas! Can she seduce him? The attraction is certainly mutual but their life goals so disparate, like chalk and cheese, do they stand any chance of achieving a happy ever after together?

The characters are well developed and appear to be the antithesis of each other in so many ways, yet together they bring out the best in the other. The contrasting family backgrounds, the current drama, the pressure to succeed, all impact on their developing relationship, making this an intriguing read. At about 80% I thought there was no way this could be resolved happily – but keep on going to find out how they reach their HEA!

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About the book:

He’s #5 on her Bouquet List. Tall, dark…and completely forbidden.

After a too-close call with death, Yasmin Katsalos is checking some things off her Bouquet List—things to do after you thought you were going to die. Fun fashion choices? Check. Purple hair and a cute diamond nose stud? Check, check. Now she’s on to item #5: a flirty fling with a man who’s tall, dark, rich…and totally out of her league.

And restaurateur Lane Griffiths definitely fits the bill.

Lane isn’t just out of Yasmin’s league. He’s also her brother’s best friend and therefore off-limits. Now that they’re working together on renovations for her family’s wedding hall, however, Yasmin has plenty of opportunities to bewitch, bother, and boldly seduce. He’s reserved. She’s relaxed. The only thing they share is a spark of attraction that’s too strong to resist. But is Lane just another item on her bouquet list… or has Yasmin found something on her list that will last?

**Note: this title was originally released July 14, 2014 and has been updated to be a closed door Bliss.

Find it online:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bouquet-List-Weddings-Westchester-Entangled-ebook/dp/B00N0408SC

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-bouquet-list-barbara-deleo/1120198046

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-bouquet-list/id912356819?uo=8&at=11ltS7

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22886630-the-bouquet-list

Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Goodreads

Barbara DeleoAbout the author:

Barbara DeLeo’s first book, co-written with her best friend, was a story about beauty queens in space. She was eleven, and the sole, handwritten copy was lost years ago, much to everyone’s relief. It’s some small miracle that she kept the faith and is now living her dream of writing sparkling contemporary romance with unforgettable characters.

After completing degrees in Psychology and English then travelling the world, Barbara married her winemaker hero and had two sets of twins.

She still loves telling stories about finding love in all the wrong places, with not a beauty queen or spaceship in sight.

Website: http://barbaradeleo.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbDeLeo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraDeleoAuthor/

Many thanks to Entangled Publishing for the complimentary copy of this book and additional post materials I received in exchange for the honest review included in this post.


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