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Review: The Alphas’ Captive by Crystal L Shaw

Title: The Alphas’ Captive The Alphas' Captive

Series: Shifters of Shadow Falls #4

Author: Crystal L Shaw

Publishers: Gomboc Words

Date of Publication: April 13th 2016

Pages: 103

Rating: 3/5

My Review:

Emma is fascinated by werewolves and wants to find out more about their world. She’s travelled to the area around Shadow Falls in a desperate attempt to get to know their secret world, exploring the woods until she finds tracks which she believes belong to werewolves. Undaunted, she follows them . . . only to discover they are the tracks of twin werewolves, Luke and Owen. She knows to submit to them to keep herself safe but is astounded by the pull she feels to them both. This is the story of her determination to get the inside scoop on shifters, the mating pull to both of these males and how they learn more about each other including experiencing the fear of rejection and the worries of temptation. There initial relationship is anything but smooth – there’s a very bumpy ride to their HEA!

This is definitely not my usual sort of read and it I enjoyed it least out of the books in this series. It involved a triad insta love story with well defined and portrayed characters. The female initially comes across as determined but seems to weaken as the story progresses, becoming increasingly weepy and as for the alphas, tactless is an understatement!

This is not for folks who would rather read sweet romances, it is a steamy, hot romance where the action certainly doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. The story is complete but there are plenty of clues to subsequent stories in the series as danger lurks for all involved…. You don’t need to have read the earlier novels to relate to this one though there are mentions of some characters from those books but nothing major at this stage.So, if you don’t like details of triad sexual encounters, avoid this, but if you enjoy paranormal romances with graphic descriptions, you may well love it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


She tracked them down, now they’re keeping her.

Emma, an unappreciated journalist, won’t rest until she discovers the secrets of the werewolf world. There’s so much to learn about shifters and she’d do anything to get an inside scoop. When she finds werewolf tracks, she’s hopeful she’ll get the break she’s been longing for and finally meet a werewolf. But those tracks belong to the twin Alphas of Dark Valley and the only thing she’ll be learning is who she belongs to.

The sexy, dark and intense Alpha, Luke is shocked his mate is a human; fate has screwed him over. She’s beautiful and brave, but simply being human means she’s weak. How could she possibly handle him? His twin, Owen, who’s opposite in every way, may be blindsided by the connection to their shared mate, but Luke isn’t sure the little human that has him so intrigued will be able to handle him claiming her – let alone both of them.

When the Alphas’ lust turns to obsession, neither can fight the pull to her and neither is willing to share.

If you enjoy sexy, alpha werewolves and standalone, insta-love stories, complete with a happily ever after, this book is for you.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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