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Review: Seattle Wolf Pack Box Set by Kristen Miller – Book Two

Four Weddings and aSeries: Seattle Wolf Pack #2

Title: Four Weddings and a Werewolf 

Author: Kristin Miller

Publishers: Entangled Covet, Entangled Publishing

Date of Publication: (originally October 28th, 2013) April 25th, 2016

Pages: 215

Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

This is the second book in the series and I read it as the second story in the Seattle Wolf Box Set, though the story is also available separately.  This time the story concerns wedding planner, Veronica Vale, who thinks she has a secret admirer but is actually being stalked by a werewolf. To protect her, her future brother-in-law has hired his friend, Logan Black, to act as a bodyguard for her – but he hasn’t told her about any of this. That leaves the story open for plenty of misunderstandings of motives and actions, especially as she purports to hate werewolves as a rogue attacked and turned her beloved sister into one. So, not revealing his job or his nature, Logan still has to try to keep the feisty and highly independent Veronica safe whilst not giving into his desires to claim her for himself.

This is a brilliant story with so much angst and turmoil it is hilarious at times. It is a great read and I really enjoyed getting totally immersed in the well crafted plot. Some of the characters from the first book in the series make appearances in this one, too, and it is good to get a glimpse of how things have progressed for them since the previous story. Personally, I think the author is honing her skills and this story demonstrates her development making this a real page turner and enthralling read which I really enjoyed escaping into. I highly recommend this to anyone who, like me, enjoys letting go of reality to escape into the paranormal world the author has skilfully created and meeting the great characters she has living there to find out about their romance!

Thanks to the publishers for gifting me an ARC of the box set containing this novel, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.


To have and to howl…

Logan Black, former Marine and bodyguard for the Seattle Wolf Pack, hates weddings and has no plan to walk the path to matrimonial misery. But when he’s hired to protect a hot-to-trot wedding planner with a werewolf stalker, he’s forced to put his feelings aside. Not such an easy task when the damsel can turn him on with a single smoldering glance.

Wedding planner Veronica Vale knows werewolves exist, but hates them. One bit her sister, changing their lives forever. When a sexy Marine shows his gorgeous face at one of her wedding appointments, Veronica finds it hard to focus on the task at hand.

The chemistry drawing Logan and Veronica together seems fated, but with Logan’s playboy attitude, Veronica’s hatred for werewolves, and a stalker lurking in the shadows, these two need more than passion to keep them together.


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