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Review: Black Hills Baby by Debra Salonen

Series: Black Hills Rendezvous #1Black Hills Baby

Title: Black Hills Baby 

Author: Debra Salonen

Publishers: Loner Llama Press

Date of Publication: May 2nd, 2016

Pages: 247

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

I’ve read quite a few books by this author and, for me, by far the majority have been 5* reads and IMHO this is another! Most of the stories I’ve read from her have involved a small, close knit community – usually Marietta in Montana but the location has changed for this new series. This story is mainly set in the Sentinel Pass, a small community that you just can’t pass through as it is at a dead end road. They have some tourists, but not many and most folks have lived there for generations. . . . including the postmaster, Libby McGannon. She’s single and really wants to become a mother but has no boyfriend or prospect of one so she advertises on the internet for a sperm donor and that’s the trigger for the whole story and series….

Cooper Lindstrom is an actor and presenter who has been devastated by his mother’s untimely death, especially when he discovers she’s gambled away most of her own and his money, so much so that he’s having death threats from one bookie she dealt with. His current series is unlikely to be renewed so he needs to kick start his career again and he believes making a sitcom based upon Libby’s advert may be the way to recoup his losses. He contacts Libby and goes to visit and as attraction flares between them, Cooper finds that maybe he does want to become a real father to Libby’s child but with his secret agenda he knows that Libby will never forgive him for changing her safe haven town and for not being truthful from the start . . .

The town is filled with fantastic secondary characters and it is easy to see additional stories involving more of these in future. I particularly enjoyed the development of a relationship between Cooper and Libby, Mac, Kat, Jenna and Char. I’m hoping that there will be romance around the corner for all these characters as the series progresses. I really liked the small town winning out over glitz and glamour. There are plenty of obstacles to a HEA ending and how these are overcome keeps this heart warming story another winner as far as I’m concerned, as “Hollywood meets the real wild west” in this delightful small community romance.


When Hollywood heart-throb Cooper Lindstrom needs money to get his late mother’s homicidal bookie off his back, he jumps at the lifeline Black Hills postmaster Libby McGannon tosses his way. In Cooper’s mind, their arrangement is simple: his sperm in trade for a share in her family’s gold mine. But the real pay off is her story–the one he plans to turn into a hit sitcom that will push him back on top.

The hit show Coop saw coming.

Love? Completely blindsided him.

And the baby? Who could have guessed Cooper wanted to be a father? Too bad Libby–the woman he’s fallen hard for–might never forgive him for turning her life into a joke for worldwide consumption. Not to mention the changes he’s brought to the small Black Hills community of Sentinel Pass, where happily-ever-after isn’t left to chance.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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