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Guest Post: Jack’s Voice by Shae Ross

Guest post by

Shae 2[1]

I hear voices…

My son was born smarter than me. Period. Here’s a snippet from our conversation driving to school the other day.  (He’s twelve by the way.)

Jack:  “True or false, Mom: Bacteria are single celled organisms because they don’t contain a nucleus?” 

Me: “Ummm…” Head scratch. “Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?”

One of my favorite things about being Jack’s mom is reading his school essays. Last year, “Splashes into Books” allowed Jack to post a guest review. Several months later I received a Tweet congratulating Jack. His post, written under the pen name of Charlie J. Ross, had won 1st place as the most viewed in 2015!

As a writer, I try hard to make my characters voices loud and clear. I often ask myself, ‘what makes an author’s voice great?’ I’ve heard editors describe an author’s voice as the voice you would use to talk to a close friend. The best example I have though, is a speech that Jack wrote and delivered to his big sister in front of 250 people on her wedding day last August.


Here’s an excerpt:

“…All that I really wanted to say is that I am so happy this wedding happened. Why? Because my sister just got married! Now this has lifted my heart because of so many reasons, First is that, well, we just got a new family member who is awesome–so nice, so cool, and just plain awesome. Also he’s a cop, so I have a defense to any people who are bullying me! Mike, welcome to the family.

Oh and Mike, you are one lucky guy, to have a wife like Kirstin. She is amazing, I know that because I have been with her for almost 12 years and she has always been there for me. I am also so happy my sister is going to have someone to love…”

It’s easy to connect with his message and, more importantly, with the way he delivers it. His sense of self shines through, enriching the reading experience. Jack’s writing hangs proudly on my heart–winning my personnel ‘1st place and most viewed’ example of what it means to have a great voice. A heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Splashes into Books for showcasing the talented Charlie J. Ross!

Shae Ross Bio

Shae Ross grew up in Ferndale, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University and continued her education at Detroit College of Law. Prior to 2014, she spent the majority of her career practicing corporate law and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.

After having too many stressful days at the office, Shae began to pursue her dream of writing and signed a contract with Entangled Publishing. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes who deliver stories filled with sass, smarts and sizzle.

Buying Links: http://www.entangledpublishing.com/rush/Rush

Let’s Connect:

Website: http://www.shaeross.com/ 
Facebook: AuthorShaeRoss
Instagram: Shae.Ross
Pinterest: Ross2718
YouTube: ShaerossWrites

Spotify: ShaeRoss

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