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Guest Post: Inspiration for Blue Moon by Lisa Kessler

BlueMoonInspiration for Blue Moon

I’m so excited to visit Splashes into Books again! I’m not really much of a plotter when I write. Having too much of a plan laid out ends up sucking out all the creative process and the writing turns into a term paper! For me, the thrill is in discovering and experiencing a new story.

For Blue Moon, I sort of knew Logan, as much as anyone could, from writing the earlier books in the Moon Series. He was always very distant with everyone and the epitome of the tortured artist. I finally realized why while I was writing Ice Moon. In Ice Moon, there was a boy werewolf and he asked a simple question about finding his mate because he worried he’d touch someone in the 4th grade and have to marry her.

Bam! I realized at that moment why it was so tough for anyone to get to know Logan. He found his mate already, years ago, when he thought he was too young to offer her anything. So he thought by walking away, she’d be free to pursue her dreams of being a journalist. The loss ate him up inside and fueled his music. As he said in the book, “My pain on display.”

So Blue Moon became my first second-chance romance! 

Not to get to out-there about writing, but I really do believe our subconscious knows the story before we do, and seeds get planted along the way for us to discover as a series unfolds. It certainly worked that way with Logan. I almost dreaded writing his book for a little while because I was afraid to write his songs, but when it came time for song lyrics, it really felt like I was just taking dictation. He poured the words out for me.

d909e-lisakessler-150x150It’s moments like that when I’m so grateful that I get to write. I live for the magic!

Thanks for helping get the word out about Blue Moon! Go Wolf Pack!



2 comments on “Guest Post: Inspiration for Blue Moon by Lisa Kessler

  1. Bewitching Brews
    June 29, 2016

    AND you spread the magic generously! Thank you for all your wonderful stories, Lisa!


  2. Lisa Kessler
    June 29, 2016

    Thanks for letting me visit! 😀



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