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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: My Wolf and Me by India R Adams

My Wolf and Me tour bannerTitle: My Wolf and Me
Author: India R. Adams
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance

Publisher: India’s Productions
Published: April 26th 2016My Wolf and Me cover
Pages: 220
Rating: 5/5

Summary from Goodreads:

Their love was innocent.
Their friendship was pure.
Their fear was real.
Their danger was true.

When little Marlena is left to care for an abandoned wolf pup, her parents see their irrevocable bond, and this humble family embarks on an adventure trying to care for the needs of a rapidly growing wolf, and the needs of their headstrong daughter. The comical complications of such a venture only darken when Marlena, now a high school student, witnesses her wolf shift… into a young man.

Secrets and the pure hatred from a man out for revenge take Marlena, her family and her wolf on a heartbreaking journey of devastating loss, captivity, and ultimate sacrifices.

This love story will haunt you well after you finally set this book down.

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My Review

This is the first novel that I have read by this author – but it certainly won’t be the last. I loved escaping into this very different paranormal novel.

Four year old Marela is a highly imaginative, independent young child who enjoys exploring the woods near her isolated home, making up stories and generally having fun. When two wolves appear in her woodland playground she isn’t frightened by them, indeed she encourages them to join in with her games. She’s amazed when they bring their recently born pup to join in her games, then devastated when both adult wolves are killed. His dying mother shocks Marela by transforming into a human to ask Marela to look after her pup, telling her that he loves her and giving her a message for when he’s older. That’s how the pup, who she calls Remy, goes to live with her family. He’s very protective of Marela and the two are inseparable – except when she has to go to school. You’ll have to read it yourself to learn more about how the two interact as they grow up, how she keeps his mother’s ability to shift secret and what happens after he manages to shift. Don’t assume it will all finish there – there are fun times ahead as he tries to join in school and horrendous, unanticipated dangers awaiting Marela and her family, too.

The author brings the characters and scenarios to vivid lifein the readers’ imagination. There are some humorous moments, especially during their childhood and later involving Marela’s two best friends from school and Romy’s reactions to their scent on her – and his determination to stop T kissing her. There are some really sad moments, too, and some suspense filled thriller times as they fight to survive. Through it all this skilled writing makes you feel like the characters are talking directly to you, telling you about events, feelings and others. The whole story has you thinking you know what will happen next and then you’re on a roller coaster ride down a dark tunnel, never knowing just what will be around the next bend, keeping you page turning and totally enthralled.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending this novel to anyone who enjoys stories of children growing up, friendship that will last a lifetime, teen angst, and true love overcoming the odds in a well crafted shifter romance that is definitely different to the norm in an excellent way! As the blurb suggests, this is one I believe will stay with me, one I’ll remember and want to re-read again in future . . . 

Many thanks to the author, publisher and YABBT for gifting me a copy of this brilliant novel in exchange for my honest review.

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Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Waiting for Romy’s return, I gasped when I saw dark, proud Father Wolf walking toward me, coming out of the nighttime forest. For a moment, I believed Romy’s father had returned until I realized I was not looking at Romy’s father. I was seeing Romy now resembling his father. No longer was I seeing Romy as the sweet, overgrown wolf I believed him to be. Now, I saw the mature Romy, whose presence alone demanded respect.

He’s changing, little girl. My father’s words echoed through my mind.

“Oh, dear God, help me,” I whispered in fear for my friend.

Romy must have heard me or sensed my emotional state because his huge paws dug into the dirt for traction. He gained speed and rushed to me. Tears quietly fell from my eyes at the shock I was experiencing. I reached for his face with both my shaky hands as he slid to a stop. “Can you truly understand me?”

He let out a whimper while staring deep into my eyes.

“I’m either madder than the Mad Hatter or—” I stared at him for another moment. “If you can truly understand me, bark twice for the answer yes. If I’m nuts, well, bark once?”

Two barks rang in my ears.

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About the Authorindia r. adams

India R Adams is an author/singer/songwriter who has written YA and NA novels such as Blue Waters (A Tainted Waters Novella), My Wolf and Me, Steal Me (A Haunted Roads Novel), Rain (A Stranger in the Woods Novel), Serenity (A Forever Series Novel) and also The Forever Series music.

India was born and raised in Florida but has also been so lucky as to live in Idaho (where she froze but fell in love with the small town life), Austin Texas (where she started her first book, Serenity, and met wonderful artist), and now Murphy, North Carolina (where the mountains have stolen a piece of her heart).

Being a survivor of abuse, has inspired India to let others know they have nothing to be ashamed of. She put her many years of professional theater background to the test and has written fictional stories with a shadow of her personal experiences. She says, “I’m simply finding ways to empower perfect imperfections.”

Another cause India feels needs change, is Sexual Slavery. She has joined forces with jewelers to design beautiful ways to raise money for non-profit organizations. Even though India writes about serious subjects such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and Human Trafficking, she has a magnificent sense of humor, as do the characters she creates. Perfectly balanced between laughter and tears, her readers see how to empower their own perfect imperfections.

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4 comments on “Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: My Wolf and Me by India R Adams

  1. Carrie
    June 29, 2016

    Great review! India quickly became a favorite of mine and have loved all of her books. 🙂


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    July 4, 2016

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!


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