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Review: His to Bear by Jennifer Hilt

Series: Alaskan Den Men: Ice Cap Den #1   His to Bear

Title: His to Bear

Author: Jennifer Hilt

Publisher: Mister Rochester Press

Pages: 65

Date of Publication: June 21st, 2016

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

Now this is a definitely different paranormal romance! Not only is the hero an ice-bear shifter, he’s also the sheriff of the town he’s trying to rejuvenate after it was devastated fifteen years ago.  As blizzards wreak their own havoc on the landscape there are two other major concerns grabbing his attention. The first is the feisty vampire who is currently staying in his home. She’s the doctor for the community and one of the restrictions on her contract from her supervising review board is that she must be celibate or risk being staked. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem except that the attraction between the two of them is mutual, hot and very difficult (if not impossible) for them to resist! The other problem is that paranormals in the community are being targetted and injured and he needs to find the perpetrator before someone is killed . . .

With blizzards, white outs, rules to be broken, romance and danger this is a short but action packed story that is a thoroughly enjoyable quick read. The location, range of characters and mystery involved make this a great start to this Den’s adventures with plenty of hints of even more to come. I can’t wait to read more from this author and the others involved in the overall series which I recommend to anyone who would like to imagine romance with a strong, cuddly, alpha bear shifter to cuddle up to!


Vampire Meg Chambers has everything she ever wanted–great new job, perfect place to live, and she’s even feeling some sparks flying between herself and her ice-bear shifter landlord and town sheriff, Ash Barlow. Too bad her employment contract stipulates if she acts on the attraction, she’s sentenced to death by staking.

Sheriff Ash Barlow’s off limits sexy housemate is leaving her lingere in their shared bathroom and sleeping in his guest room. Fighting their attraction for each other becomes impossible as blizzards and bear traps throw these two forbidden lovers together. When Meg suffers a serious injury will Ash do the one thing necessary to save her and forever change their lives?

This novella is available from a variety of sources, including Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US)

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