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Blog Tour + Review: If the Dress Fits by Daisy James

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Title: If the Dress FitsIf the Dress Fits   

Author: Daisy James

Publisher: Carina UK

Published: e-copy May 12th, 2016

Published: Paperback: July 14th, 2016

Pages: 384

Having thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Runaway Bridesmaid’, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to read and review the author’s next published novel and I’m so glad that I did! The author is a highly skilled writer, encapsulating her scenes, characters and events, bringing them to life in the imagination of her readers. This is another light hearted, laugh out loud, romance, with plenty of dramatic twists to keep the reader thoroughly entertained, hoping for the characters to reach their much sought after HEAs.

In this story, the main stars live in a small Yorkshire village of Althorpe, where local businesses are struggling to compete with the big supermarkets and shopping complexes. One by one it seems to village stores are being sold to developers who are transforming them into weekend homes for rich city dwellers, with serious implications for the village community and spirit. Callie grew up in the village, spending much of her time either with her childhood sweetheart, who became the lead singer with The Razorclaws, Theo, or at her Aunt’s shop, Gingerberry Yarns, where she learnt her love of material and yarns. After finding Theo in the arms of someone else, Callie left the village and went to work in London where she now owns her own successful fashion designing business.

She’s participating in a prestigious competition to design the wedding dress for celebrity actress, Lilac Verbois. Unfortunately, just as she’s putting the finishing touches to her entry she gets a life changing phone call informing her that her Aunt is seriously ill. Leaving her colleagues to complete the entry, she dashes up to Althorpe in an effort to get to see her again. This is the start of a catalogue of changes for Callie. As she returns to her childhood community, rekindles old friendships, reconnects with the community and has some drastic potentially life changing decisions to make. Will her previous romance with Theo be rekindled, too, or will their time apart prove a chasm too large for them to reconnect?

The sharp contrast between her work focussed existence in London and village life, the people, events, attitudes and life are fundamental to reviving Callie. Believing she’s lost the competition, grief for her Aunt, reconnecting with school friends, memories and seeing Theo again all play significant roles in changing her attitude, outlook and life. As usual, nothing is straightforward and there is plenty of angst and turmoil before she can achieve her HEA.

I loved the great mix of secondary characters in this story, especially the villagers and the people involved with Callie’s Pimlico business. The search for the designer of the winning gown is, at times, hilarious – definitely reminiscent of the Prince’s search for Cinderella, though this time it isn’t a shoe that has to fit but a designer of the dress that is sought! Reading descriptions of the delicious sounding cakes crafted by Tom will have your mouth watering, I’d love to try some of them! This is a great second chance romance packed with angst, turmoil and giggles until it reaches a heart warming conclusion. Again, I will certainly be looking out for any future stories by this exceptionally talented author.

Thanks to the author and publishers for gifting me an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

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A heartwarming romantic comedy guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, If the Dress Fits is one story you don’t want miss in 2016!

She might be the most famous person in the country…but no one knows her name!

Celebrity actress Lilac Verbois is holding a competition to design her dress for the Wedding of the Year…and Callie’s exquisite, glittering silk gown has been shortlisted. But just as all her dreams are coming true, disaster strikes and she rushes home – forgetting to submit the forms!

Years ago, when Callie left sleepy Althorpe for the bright lights of London, she never expected to return. And there’s one man in particular she’d hoped never to see again, Theo, the childhood-sweetheart-turned-rock-God who turned her life upside down. But now she’s back, she realises it’s finally time to stop running…and face her past.

Yet, little does Callie know, Lilac Verbois has begun a Cinderella-like hunt for that perfect, pearl-embroidered wedding dress, mysteriously submitted without a name…

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