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Blog Tour + Review: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart by Tiffany Truitt

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Title: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart7WaysToLoseYourHeartcover

Author: Tiffany Truitt

Publisher: Entangled Embrace, Entangled Publishing

Release Date: July 18, 2016

About the Book:

In the span of seven days, Annabel Lee will lose her heart.

Kennedy Harrison, as reckless with life as Annabel is obsessed with order, never could commit to anything—not to a person, not to a job, not to a path. But he’s got a history with Annabel, and for once Kennedy doesn’t want to run. Determined to spend time with her before she leaves for college, Kennedy dares her to join him on a road trip to a music festival.

And neither of them could ever say no to a dare.

But Annabel’s got a plan. She’ll complete seven dares in seven days—if Kennedy applies for one writing internship per dare. Because Kennedy needs to be pushed just as much as she does.

What follows is a dizzying week of music, shady hotels, comical dares, and a passion neither one knew existed. But when it ends, Annabel and Kennedy will realize the biggest dare of all might just be falling for each other.

Book Links:    Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Goodreads

My review:

It is a decade since life changed dramatically for Annabel Lee. That was when she was involved in an accident in which her beloved older brother was killed and she was seriously burned. It is also when she lost her best friend, Kennedy Harrison, who disappeared from her, leaving her heart broken. Life became like a jigsaw, all broken up and with crucial pieces missing. Now he’s in the same photography class with her and suddenly starts talking to her again. They used to dare each other, provoking each other out of their comfort zone, ensuring they lived life to the full. Since the accident, Annabel Lee has been OCD about planning and order, a rule keeper whilst Kennedy is her antithesis, a rule breaker and risk taker. As the two reconnect, the dares restart and so much more, do they stand a chance of rebuilding the jigsaw to create a new picture of life together?

This story explores rekindling childhood friendships torn apart by trauma and fear. It is about facing up and taking life by the horns, being prepared to take a chance on new opportunities whilst being willing to fail, knowing that things don’t always work out but that when they do, they are so worth it!  The story takes the characters through the whole gamut of emotions on a roller coaster ride towards their potential HEA. Told from alternating points of view, it is easy to empathise with the characters and keep hoping that things will work out for them. It is an angst filled new adult read that I enjoyed reading and think others will, too.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley, too, for providing me with an ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

An excerpt to whet your appetite:

I try to ignore the way my heart skips a beat at being so close to him. How it panics. It’s not the erratic beating of a girl in a romance novel. More like a horror film. My heart senses it before the rest of me does: DANGER—this boy will hurt you. He has hurt you. Worse than any other boy ever will. RUN!

“Good afternoon, Annabel,” he almost sings as he moves next to me at the sink, pulling down bottles from the cabinet above our heads. I have to duck not to bang my forehead into his arm during my decidedly not verbal nod in response to his very verbal greeting. Despite the dimmed red glare of the darkroom, I can’t help but notice the dimple that appears on his left cheek as a smirk crawls across his face. I didn’t even know he was capable of dimpling. It seems like an action reserved for quarterbacks and farmers’ sons. I’m sure that dimple wasn’t there when we were children.

Kennedy chuckles softly, and I realize he’s caught me staring. I can’t be blamed. Not really. That dimple keeps going off like a lighthouse. There should be studies on this phenomenon. I must have looked at this boy a thousand times as a child. Shaggy dirty-blond hair that always screamed for a haircut. Piercing blue eyes that reminded me of the aqua-colored crystal candy you could buy from the Air and Space Museum in DC. Never in all those times staring do I remember seeing those dimples.

Not that it matters. He doesn’t get to walk in and dimple at me just because he decided ten years was long enough to avoid me for no reason.

Author bio:Tiffany Truitt

Tiffany Truitt lives with her Netflix and junk food in Virginia. She is a graduate from Longwood University with a Masters in Literature from Old Dominion University. Previously she has worked in the realm of Young Adult literature having written The Lost Souls Series, Because You Exist, and The Language of Silence. This is her first New Adult book.

Author’s Social Media Links:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Giveaway Rafflecopter link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/1cb55495855/?

Tiffany has kindly written a guest blog which I am proud to host. You can read it by clicking here.

Many thanks to Entangled Publishers for organising this blog tour and providing the additional materials included in this post.


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