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Guest Post by Author T.A. Williams

Oh no! I definitely like the labs in TA Williams’ stories, can’t imagine one without them . . . . Hope the editor who has come up with this idea changes their mind – Trevor’s books with no dog will just seem wrong 😦

Living Life With Joy

Today I’m thrilled to share an exclusive guest post from author T.A. Williams where he reflects on his canine obsession. Whether or not you’ve read his novels, you’ll know just by looking at the covers of his books that his women’s fiction stories all include dogs [see the below image for visual proof!] Read on for a fun guest post from the author, and check back tomorrow for my review of his latest novel, What Happens at the Beach…

T.A. Williams Covers

So is this the last appearance of a Labrador?

TA (Trevor) Williams reflects on his canine obsession

What Happens at the Beach… is to be the last (or maybe the penultimate) in the What Happens… series. This book has a great canine character in it, in the form of Barney the black Labrador. Those of you familiar with my work will know that a black Lab is pretty much my…

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