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Review: Alfie- Far From Home by Rachel Wells

Title: Alfie – Far From Home  Alfie - Far From Home

Author: Rachel Wells

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, Children’s

Pages: 144

Date of Publication: June 2nd, 2016

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is a great adventure story featuring the inimitable Alfie the doorstep cat. In this story he accidentally stows away in the camper van of the Clover family and ends up going on holiday with them to Devon. The campsite where they are staying is run by Mr and Mrs Green – and Mr Green is an ocd rule follower. He has a book of rules about everything!

There are two children in the Clover family, Stanley and Viola. They’ve recently moved into Alfie’s street and haven’t settled in properly yet. When Alfie spots that Viola is worried, he sets out to help her and the adventure begins.

A great story for children who are starting to read chapter books, with the story told from the point of view of Alfie. It also contains several great discussion stimuli that could be used by teachers or parents – including following peers, standing up for yourself, being aware of your own strengths, homesickness, right/wrong, using your talents, etc – great for PSE, but also a fantastic story in its own right.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Alfie the Doorstep Cat – star of the smash-hit Sunday Times bestseller – is back in brand new ALFIE story for a younger readership.

Alfie is everyone’s favourite cat. A big ball of grey fur who changes the lives of every family he meets. Alfie is firm friends with the Clover family – especially eight-year-old Stanley Clover and his sister Viola. But he’s still a bit upset when he accidentally falls asleep in the back of the Clovers’ van and unexpectedly finds himself far from home on their family holiday. But when he notices that Viola isn’t getting into the holiday spirit he realises she might just need his help…

This book is available from a variety of sources including

Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)        Barnes and Noble


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