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Review: Fight by the Team by Cindy Skaggs

Series: Team Fear #2

Title: Fight by the Team fight-by-the-team-ebook

Author: Cindy Skaggs

Publisher:  CreateSpace Publishing

Published: August 21st, 2016

Pages: 272

Rating: 5/5  

My Review:

This thrilling action packed serial continues just as brilliantly as it started in this the sequel to Live by the Team. The team in question are Team Fear, a group of experimentally enhanced special forces soldiers who have all received medical discharges from the forces and are now apparently on someone’s hit list. They’re working together to try to discover just who is after them, why and to try to protect the ones they love whilst also seeking revenge on those who used them as disposable guinea pigs . . . Sergeant Rose is one of these men and it his relationship with Debi, a discredited by highly accomplished chemist, that is the main love interest in this romantic suspense.

Debra is better known as Debi. She’s a feisty, highly intelligent young lady who suffers from severe panic attacks. She’s been sacked from her prestigious research role at the university because of the actions of her ex-boyfriend who has taken credit for all her work whilst discrediting her. That wouldn’t be so bad if the person who sacked her wasn’t her father who just wouldn’t believe her or look at any evidence. Now she’s been kidnapped and nearly killed by the ones out to get Team Fear, so she’s joined them in their fight to discover the truth.

River Rose is a lethal weapon ready to be discharged and put to use at any moment. The drugs he and the others were given have taken away their ability to fear, but with this have come unwanted side effects – like anger management issues and paranoia. However, regardless of these, Rose is highly protective of those he loves and cares for, willing to lay down his own life to save theirs. His problem now is that he’s seriously attracted to Debi but knows that to protect her he needs to maintain his distance and objectivity. Can they resist temptation and the attraction between them? More than that, however, can they help each other to stay alive and out of the gunsights of Team Echo?

This is a fast paced adventure, a superb, enthralling romantic suspense which had me page turning from start to finish. The characters are brilliantly portrayed, brought to life in the story by this highly talented author who takes them on a roller coaster ride of a plot with so many twists, turns, switchbacks and sudden falls it keeps the reader riveted, wanting to know what happens next. I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into this story, have no hesitation in highly recommending it and can’t wait to read the sequel!

My thanks to the author for gifting me a copy to read in exchange for this, my honest review.




Military trained, medically enhanced, designed to kill.

Sergeant Rose is a former Special Forces soldier turned fearless through a classified program designed to inhibit the physiological reactions to fear, but the secret cocktail of drugs has lethal side effects. The soldiers are still fearless, but they’re also angry, paranoid, violent, and potentially suicidal, making them a danger to anyone close to them, which sends Rose on a mission of revenge against the military and the scientists who used Team Fear as guinea pigs to further a twisted agenda.

A discredited chemist fired for rushing testing protocols, Debi works as a bartender and longs for a way to redeem an impulsive, life-altering mistake. When she is kidnapped and nearly killed by the men sent to destroy Team Fear and all evidence of the experimental program, she has no choice but to join Team Fear on their quest for vengeance. Now she’s in the crosshairs of a rogue military team bent on her destruction.

The threat of annihilation should be enough to prevent Rose from acting on his fantasies about the beautiful scientist, but he can’t fight fate, the Army, and their explosive chemistry. As they’re drawn deeper into the conspiracy, will their relationship survive the truth?

Fast paced, with twists and turns and a side of steamy, Fight By The Team is the second in the Team Fear series. The surviving members of Team Fear are out of the Army and in a world of secrets, lies, and cover-ups in this military romantic suspense series by Cindy Skaggs.

The surviving members of Team Fear are out of the military and in a world of secrets, lies, and cover-ups in this new romantic suspense series by Cindy Skaggs.

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A muscle twitched in his bicep; otherwise he was still. “You don’t owe me anything.”

“No. But I’d like to.”

“What am I supposed to do with that?” He laced his fingers together on the top of his head. His features were impassive, intimidating as hell. “I decked one of my teammates in anger. Doesn’t that concern you?”

“All you did was split his lip.” The day before, he’d taken Wade out with one hit. “You pulled your punch.”

“That should still concern you.”

“It’s between you and Stills.”

“He’s got a hard face. He’ll live.”

“My point exactly. How about you?” Because the guilt hadn’t left his eyes the whole time they’d talked.

Shallow breaths moved his chest. “Why are you here?”

The coronary that had threatened since she was a kid was about to be realized. The words stalled in her throat, but if he could expose himself, his anger issues and the concerns behind them, she could speak the truth. Crap. Her heart nearly seized. “I want you to sleep in my bed.” She stepped forward and ran a finger down the midline, feeling the muscles twitch. It was quite possible she’d die before he answered. “And I don’t want to snuggle.”


61458-cindyskaggsCindy Skaggs grew up on stories of mob bosses, horse thieves, cold-blooded killers, and the last honest man. Those mostly true stories gave her a lifelong love of storytelling and heroes. Her search for story took her around the world with the Air Force before returning to Colorado.

As a single mom, she’s turning her lifelong love of storytelling into the one thing she can’t live without: writing. She has an MA in Creative Writing, three jobs, two kids, and more pets than she can possibly handle. Find her on Facebook as Cindy Skaggs, Writer, @CLSkaggs on Twitter, or www.CSkaggs.com to sign up for her newsletter.

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