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Review: Puggle’s Problem by Aleesah Darlison

Title: Puggle’s Problempuggles-problem

Author: Aleesah Darlison

Illustrator: Sandra Temple

Publisher: Wombat Books

Pages: 32

Date of Publication: May 1st, 2013

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

Aww!!! This is a really sweet, gentle story with brilliant illustrations about a young echidna who is worried that he still has no spines. He goes and asks other animal friends for advice  but, even though he does as they say, he still has no spines.

It is a story of never giving up, resilience and perseverance but, in the end is more about looking out for the positives in the situation and learning to be patient.

As a teacher or parent, this story has a great moral message and is also beautifully illustrated. It could be used to help introduce the images of some of the Australian animals and as stimuli for more art work. With slightly older children, it could also be used as a stimulus for research into the different animals. It is written in a very easy to relate to manner and could also be used for discussions and circle time.

This is a delightful book for children that is lovely to share and enjoy.

I was gifted a copy of this book by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


Pipp is a tiny puggle with a big problem. He’s the only echidna who hasn’t got his spines! Determined to have them come soon he sets out to ask his friends for advice. A Puggle is a baby echidna, a unique Australian animal. Explore Australian animals in this fun children’s book as you learn with Pipp while he waits for his spines to grow.

This book is available from a variety of sources including

Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)       

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