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Guest Post by Christine Hart

Guest Post for Christine Hart

Hello, readers of Splashes Into Books! I’d like to first say a big Thank You to Elaine for hosting me today. And readers, thank you too for joining us to learn a bit more about my books.

Today I’m talking about the three quirky New Adult titles that make up The Variant Conspiracy trilogy, In Irina’s Cards, The Compendium, and Terra Nova. They all came out this year – in May, July, and September respectively.

Road heading into city

I’d definitely classify this NA trilogy as a cross-genre story. They’re a racy blend of paranormal and sci-fi with an escalating romantic sub-plot. The story follows a group of renegade mutants tracking an evil corporate conspiracy from the West Coast of North America into the Mojave Desert and hopping to London, Greece, Egypt, and Kenya.

Rather than re-posting the blurbs here (which are available on my website) I’d like to share a bit about what inspired the books. Much of what motivated me to write The Variant Conspiracy came from personal experiences (all totally mundane) and my feelings about the direction of modern society, along with the state of our environment. Obviously X-Men movies played a role. But I’ve always been an avid reader and many books I’ve read over the years sparked pieces of the plot, big and small. If you’d like to add something off the beaten path to your TBR list, the list below can get you started.

Top 10 Books that inspired The Variant Conspiracy trilogy:

  • The Chrysalids – John Wyndham
  • Weaveworld – Clive Barker
  • Hellblazer: War Lord – John Shirley
  • Frankenstien – Mary Shelley
  • American Gods – Neil Gaiman
  • The Gate of Ivory – Doris Egan
  • The Green Brain – Frank Herbert
  • Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths – Bernard Evslin
  • Mütter Museum: Historic Medical Photographs – Laura Lindgren
  • Dictionary of the Occult – Geddes & Grosset

Thanks again to everyone reading this. Wherever you came from, I’m thrilled you took a moment from your day to read

a bit more about my work.


To celebrate this rollercoaster release year, I’d like to share a giveaway here exclusively for readers of Splashes Into Books. One week from today, I’ll draw 1 winner for the ebook version of all 3 Variant Conspiracy books. And I’ll draw another winner for $25 to spend with my Etsy alter-ego Sleepless Storyteller.


Enter early and often at http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b130c2b18

In Irina's Cards
In Irina’s Cards (The Variant Conspiracy Book 1)

The Compendium (The Variant Conspiracy Book 2)


Terra Nova (The Variant Conspiracy Book 3)

Thank you so much for your Guest Post – and writing such an enthralling series of books!

My reviews for these three books can be accessed by clicking on the titles below:

In Irina’s Cards

The Compendium

Terra Nova

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