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Review: The Panther Moon by Beth Trissel

Series: The Secret Warrior #3the-panther-moon

Title: The Panther Moon

Author: Beth Trissel

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Published: September 30th, 2016

Pages: 157

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

This series just keeps on getting better! Despite it being months since I read the previous book in this series, it was so easy to reconnect with the brilliant characters and recalling the events. To me that is indicative of a brilliant author, especially if you consider just how many books I’ve read in the intervening time!

Having escaped gangsters endeavouring to prevent them testifying against their boss, Morgan and her younger brother discovered their secret heritage and a prophecy which centre around her and her abilities. I loved the first two books in this series and jumped at the opportunity to read an ARC of this, the third book in the series. In this one, Morgan is exploring and refining her developing skills but danger still lurks all around them. There were already were-coyotes, were-panthers and a were-bear involved in this series but as Chief Okema disappears, the protective magic around the Wapicoli territory starts to fail. This necessitates Morgan and Jackson taking over leadership of the group and to face new dangers from unforeseen foes and to receive assistance from unexpected sources!

This is an action packed story but it has many humorous moments that had me laughing out loud. The relationships between all the main characters are brilliantly portrayed, especially between the siblings. There are intriguing threads of Native American history and beliefs that add so much and make this a unique series as far as I am concerned – as does the Thunderbird and the soon to hatch gift (I can’t wait to learn more about that, but won’t say more as I don’t want to give any real spoilers!). Add in the Star People to this enthralling mix and you’ve also a science fiction element, too!

I’m loving this whole series and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys action packed paranormal adventures with a wide range of shifters, aliens and so much more!

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Being the seventh Morcant has its perks: Morgan is learning to fly and wield magical blue fire.

But the coyote shifters are growing bolder. Mateo and his panthers seem impossible to defeat. And vampires aren’t real – are they?

When the elusive and enigmatic Chief Okema disappears and the wards protecting the Wapicoli territory falter, Morgan and Jackson are forced into the role of leaders. Badly outnumbered and outgunned, do they have time to search for the secret of the Divining Tree, and will it help them in the final battle?

This book is available from a variety of sources including

Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)        Barnes and Noble

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  1. bethtrissel
    October 29, 2016

    Thanks so much for the lovely review!


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