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Review: Paranormals Never Wear Plaid by Jennifer Hilt

Series: Icy Cap Den #1 paranormals-never-wear-plaid

Title: Paranormals Never Wear Plaid

Author: Jennifer Hilt

Publisher: Mr Rochester Press

Published: September 21st, 2016

Pages: 103

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is the first in a new series but involves characters previously encountered in the Alaskan Den Men: Kodiak Den Men series. Now the heroes in that series were bear shifters but there were also vampires, a succubus and, the hero of this novel, Gary Just the ghoul! Gary helped defeat the succubus but was severely injured in the process and was saved by being given blood by a vampire. This transfusion has altered him considerably, he’s now accepted by the other paranormals rather than being an outcast. It really does help that he’s now a hunk and working as a paranormal US marshall. He also has a crush on one of the hospital nurses, a vampire called Rose Winter. At the moment he has an excellent excuse for going to the hospital as a witness who is under marshall protection is a patient in the hospital – and Rose is one of her key carers. When Rose learns that her mother is coming to visit intending to meet Rose’s fiancé – one that doesn’t really exist. In desperation, Rose asks Gary to pose as her boyfriend and he relishes the opportunity to do so.

Get ready for fun moments as Rose’s mum turns up! So glad she isn’t my mother! There’s also danger from someone following her, secrets to be revealed and, from their second kiss, love and attraction to be explored and developed. This is a well paced novella with great characters, a well structured plot with plenty of twists and turns and much more to come in future books in this series. If you enjoy paranormal romances with mystery and intrigue, you’ll enjoy escaping into this one!

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


As a mob boss’s daughter and former assassin, it’s safe to say vampire Rose Winter has a few secrets to keep. But now she’s started a new life as a nurse in Icy Cap and even made some friends. Well, one friend. Not too many people are lining up to befriend a vamp. To top it all off, her mother’s coming for a visit and expecting to meet Rose’s fiancé. Only one problem—Rose made him up. Now she’s worried she’ll lose her one and only friend, Gary the Ghoul, after she convinces him to pose as the love of her life.

Gary Just is a US Marshall and no longer Icy Cap’s resident outcast. In fact, he looks pretty darn hot thanks to a life saving infusion of vamp blood. Gary has two goals, find the assassin stalking his ailing witness and getting out of the ‘friend zone’ with Rose.

Soon, things are heating up between Rose and Gary despite downright frigid Alaska temps. But as Gary learns about Rose’s secrets, his job with the law enforcement community is in jeopardy. Heck, he’d get a great promotion by simply turning her in. Gary doesn’t want to return to his former pariah status but loving Rose might demand it. Can our favorite ghoul get the girl and keep his new life? 

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