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Release Day Celebration + Review: The Gossip by Jenny Holiday

gossip_blitzbadge Loose lips sink ships…

Out today!! – the second book in the New Adult College Romance series: New Wave Newsroom

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the-gossp-cover-finalTitle: The Gossip

Series: New Wave Newsroom #2

Author: Jenny Holiday

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: October 4, 2016

Length: 36k words

Format: Digital/Paperback

Digital ISBN: 978-0-9950927-3-0
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9950927-2-3

Dawn Hathaway is a realist. She’s not the smartest girl at Allenhurst College. She’s not the prettiest, either. So if she wants to be popular, she’ll need something else: power. What better way to get it than to start a gossip column in the campus newspaper? If she has to commit a few minor crimes in pursuit of the latest scoop, what’s the harm?

Arturo Perez loves being a campus cop. He knows Allenhurst’s nooks and crannies—and lately he’s been finding the campus gossip snooping into every one of them. He can’t deny that he enjoys bantering with the sassy schemer. But he also can’t shake the sense that there’s more going on with Dawn than meets the eye.

When tragedy strikes and Dawn needs help, how far will Art go to protect her?

My Review:

I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book, The Fixer, so jumped at the chance to read this, the next book in this series. Both books concern students working on the College newspaper and this one ‘stars’ Dawn Hathaway. Her attempts to get into one particular Frat house are thwarted by the vigilance of Arturo Perez, a campus cop, an attractive man who is nine years older than her. With that path to being popular gone, Dawn manages to convince the newspaper bosses to let her write a gossip column. Over the years at college, every time she does something that could get her into bother of any kind, Art seems to be there to save or protect her.  Her column isn’t the usual hate/denigrating gossip, she tries to make a difference through it but one of her articles has unforeseen, tragic consequences and again, Art is there to help her survive. As both have family dramas and the attraction between them grows, will they turn to each other for solace and support – and can it lead to more in future?

This is a poignant romance with an 80s theme throughout it. The song it is based around is “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler and there are other references to this era, for instance when she describes Art as a “younger Erik Estrada from CHiPS”. The novel doesn’t glorify or look at college life through rose coloured glasses – it shows the striving for popularity and the steps some people are conned into doing to achieve this. It also shows how Dawn matures over the years in a realistic and easy to relate to manner. The characters are complex, their backgrounds seriously affecting their behaviour and showing how family pressures to meet with their expectations can also impact on students, sometimes with negative effects. There is plenty of emotional turmoil and tribulations in this second in the series and I have no hesitation in highly recommending both this book and the series to anyone who enjoys coming of age romances with a well structured plot, plenty of action and a romance that grows rather than being instant-love.

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author, via Barclay PR, in exchange for an honest review.

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks


“You aren’t going to call my parents, are you?” Never mind that I only had one, and that Daddy finding out I was drinking probably wouldn’t even rate a phone call from him. I stuck out my lower lip and tried to make it quiver, not enough that I could be accused of purposeful manipulation, but enough—I hoped—that I was communicating some remorse.

“Nope,” said Officer Perez, totally unaffected by my emotional display. “You’re eighteen. Welcome to adulthood.”

“Welcome to adulthood, yet I’m not allowed to buy alcohol?”

“That is correct.” He handed my ID to the cop next to him, and that cop flipped open a little notepad and started writing on it.

“You’re a campus cop,” I said, letting my gaze rake over Perez’s belt. It held a baton and handcuffs and a few other things I didn’t recognize, but no gun. The other guy had a gun.

He glanced at the patch on his right biceps that read ALLENHURST COLLEGE PD. It was stretched taut over the muscle. “And you have a talent for stating the obvious.”

“Do you even have jurisdiction here? Because we’re not actually on campus.” We were a mere two blocks from it, but still. If he wasn’t going to respond to my remorseful-little-girl act, maybe I could wiggle out through a procedural loophole.

“That’s why this guy”—he jerked his thumb at the colleague I’d come to think of as Good Cop—“is writing your ticket.”

“Teamwork,” Good Cop said, smiling as he ripped off the ticket and held it out to me. “Allenhurst PD at your service, miss.”

“Oh, so you need a real cop to close your deals.” I was being a brat for no reason now, but I hated the fact that this big guy, this big gunless guy, could just step in and ruin everything.

The big gunless guy in question took a step toward me. God, he was big. Maybe he didn’t need a gun because of those tree-trunk arms. They looked like they were more than sufficient to take on any villain. “Perhaps you’d prefer that instead of issuing you that fifty-dollar possession ticket, I have my ‘real cop’ friend here arrest you,” he said. “And hey, while we’re at it, we’ll get your friends for furnishing alcohol to a minor.”

“You can’t do that!”

He took another step, leaving only a few inches between us. My eyes were level with the middle of his chest, so I had to crank my neck back to maintain eye contact. He was probably doing it on purpose, trying to intimidate me and compensate for his lack of a gun.

He smirked. “Perhaps you’d care to add resisting arrest?”

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Author Bio:jennyholiday

Jenny Holiday started writing at age nine when her awesome fourth grade teacher gave her a notebook and told her to start writing some stories. That first batch featured mass murderers on the loose, alien invasions, and hauntings. (Looking back, she’s amazed no one sent her to a kid-shrink.) She’s been writing ever since. After a brief detour to get a PhD in geography, she worked as a professional writer, producing everything from speeches to magazine articles. More recently, her tastes having evolved from alien invasions to happily-ever-afters, she tried her hand at romance. A lifelong city-lover, she lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family. She is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Greenburger Associates.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon

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