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Review: His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins

Series: Love in Montana #5   his-christmas-miracle

Title: His Christmas Miracle

Author: Dani Collins

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: October 27th, 2016

Pages: 175

Rating: 5/5

Discovering that someone he’d dated for a few months has been killed in a car crash is bad enough but then finding out that she had your son and never told you about his existence is a bigger one -especially as you’re now responsible for him! That’s what happened to the introverted Quincy Ryan.

Nicole Darren was an aspiring actress who has been told by her agent that she’s now too old for her to represent. Following that bombshell, Nicole decided a change of jobs was needed, so she trained as a nursing aide. Now she’s left the sunny climes of California to return to wintry Montana and is hoping that Quincy will employ her to help look after both his diabetic father and his young son, Atlas.

As bubbly Nicole works with the family, she tries to help the new father and his son to connect by creating a very unique Advent calendar of activities and events, helping them connect with each other and introducing them to the community. Can she help them settle into their new home and lives together whilst still endeavouring to ignore the attraction she feels towards Quincy and the love she has for his young, traumatised son? Can Quincy open up to admit how he feels about her? Dow their love stand a chance?

This story has fantastically portrayed characters, it is so easy to relate to them and their actions. The calendar idea is a great way to bring the father and son together – and the author even includes links to enable readers to create their own at the end of the book. It is a great plot, with plenty of problems to be overcome along the way – including some very near to the end which are somewhat heart stopping moments where all seems to have gone wrong. This is a lovely story that I have no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys escaping into very moving, heartwarming romances.

I was gifted an ARC of this novel via NetGalley with no obligation or requirement to review  it. This is my honest review after reading the ARC.


Quincy Ryan was just handed custody of a son he didn’t know existed. He knows how to be an architect, not a dad, so he looks to his own father for guidance, but that means moving with Pops to Marietta, Montana. Quincy knows he has to get over his shock and give Atlas the Christmas he deserves, but how? He needs a miracle.

Struggling actress Nicki Darren will take any job as Christmas approaches, even babysitting for a withdrawn, workaholic, single father. She identifies with four-year-old Atlas. She also lost her mom as a child and hasn’t had a real Christmas since.

An Advent calendar of activities soon has Nicki pulling Quincy out of the house to get a tree and ice skate with his son. She wants Quincy to open his heart to the boy, but as they countdown to Christmas Eve, she begins to fall for the Ryan men herself. If only the miracle Quincy is looking for included her…

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