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Review: The White Widow’s Revenge by Jacob Grey

Series:  Ferals #3the-white-widows-revenge

Title: The White Widow’s Revenge by Jacob Grey

Author: Jacob Grey

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Published: July 28th, 2016

Pages: 272

Rating: 4/5

My Review

Wow – this series continues to be an action packed, suspense filled, enthralling, paranormal read. It is a series that I recommend is read from the first book, in sequence as the storyline continues through the novels.

The background to the story is that in this world there are humans and ferals. The ferals generally live alongside the humans, without drawing unwanted attention to themselves but they are each gifted with the ability to communicate with and, to some extent, to control a particular species of animal. There was a huge battle in the past between ferals who wished to use their abilities to take over humans but they were defeated. Unfortunately a group of  these rogue ferals have escaped from imprisonment and are now working together to the same goals.

In this story the hero, Caw, the crow talker, continues to lead the ferals who are determined to thwart the rogues. Many have moved into his home and others visit regularly, Caw finds socialising with them difficult at times, he likes being with his crows but finds crowds difficult. Someone he cares about was seriously injured at the end of the last story and is now in a coma in hospital. The others don’t trust her, believing she is actually working against them but when she’s kidnapped, Caw is determined to rescue her.   Someone who he had been working with is only pretending to be on the same side. Get ready for friends being enemies, enemies being friends, disheartening discoveries and a dangerous ancestor in this, the third and final book in this superb series.

I was gifted an ARC of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read and review it.


The thrilling conclusion to Ferals, a fantasy trilogy that’s part Batman, part The Graveyard Book, and all high-stakes adventure.

Caw has defeated the dreaded Spinning Man and vanquished the Mother of Flies. But a new feral has appeared—one who intends to uphold the Spinning Man’s dark legacy. Known as the White Widow, this spider feral is determined to destroy Caw and bring Blackstone back into an era of crime and fear.

Now everyone Caw holds dear is in danger. And this time Caw may not be able to protect them.

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