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Review: A Cowboy to Remember by Barbara Ankrum

Series:  Big Marietta Fair #5    a-cowboy-to-remember

Title: A Cowboy to Remember
(original title: A Fair to Remember)

Author: Barbara Ankrum

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: August 13th, 2014

Pages: 162

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is another winner from Tule Publishing, set in Marietta, Montana and involving many of the characters I’ve read in other books by this and other authors set in this brilliant location. Olivia Canaday left the town twelve years ago hoping to be an equestrian competitor in the Olympics. Before she left, she and her best friend, Jake Lassen, promised to reunite at the Big Marietta Fair on her thirtieth birthday and, if they were both single, for them then to marry. She’s returned now after an abusive mariage ruined her self confidence and a serious riding accident meant she no longer rides, though she does still train horses and other riders. Jake left, too, but he joined the Army where he was a rescue helicopter pilot. He’s never married and yes, he does turn up at the Fair . . . but she’s sworn off men and never plans to marry again. He’s also had a traumatic time in Afghanistan but it is only thoughts of Olivia that have helped pull him through. Can they put the past behind them and take a second chance on love together? They’re both seriously attracted to each other but can Jake convince her to trust him and his love?

Olivia is a strong character who recognises the impact of her ex-husband’s emotional abuse and is determined to recover her own independence, confidence and resilience on her own and isn’t looking for more than friendship – or that’s what she keeps telling herself! Jake is so caring and patient! This is a heartwarming story, a brilliant second chance romance involving recovery, determination, resilience and true love. It is a great addition to the Marietta novels and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this to anyone who enjoys escaping into a delightful romance with humour, turmoil, angst and, of course, a brilliant ending!

If you haven’t read anything by this author or in this series, now’s the time to do so as the ebook is currently free on online booksellers!


Twelve years ago, equestrian Olympic hopeful Olivia Canaday and her best friend, Jake Lassen, made a pinky-swear promise to reunite at the Big Marietta Fair on her thirtieth birthday and marry each other if they were both still single. But that was before they grew up and went their separate ways.

Now, after a disastrous divorce and a career-changing accident, Olivia limps home, minus her mojo, her courage and her faith in love. She retreats to her parents’ ranch, determined to play it safe, but when ex-Army helicopter pilot Jake Lassen arrives to make good on their promise, he reignites passion and hope, two things Olivia had forgotten existed.

Olivia resolves to keep Jake at arm’s length, even though the memory of his kisses keeps her up at night. She knows better than to let her heart get involved, but Jake is planning for the future. Their future. Can Jake convince her to risk it all one more time and really make this a fair to remember?

*Previously titled A Fair to Remember

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