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Review: The Montana Bride by Jeannie Watt

Series: Marvells of Montana #1   the-montana-bride

Title: The Montana Bride 

Authors: Jeannie Watt

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: December 13th, 2016

Pages: 195

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

Now I know I read quite a lot of books but this one was just so familiar from the very start. The character names, the events, the general plot were ones I’d read before, I knew what was going to happen. That’s when I checked and discovered I was right. This is a tweaked version of a story by the same author entitled ‘The Secret Bride’ that I’d read and reviewed in 2015. In that case the heroine returned to Cherry Lake, whilst in this one she’s returning to Sweetheart. Other than that and a few minor differences, it is essentially the same story IMHO and having read this new version, I think my original review is still appropriate.

This story concerns Jacie Rose who is returning to Cherry Lake Sweetheart to help renovate the historic hotel. Jacie  grew up in here but ran away when she was a pregnant teenager and this is her first time back in ten years. She’s bringing her daughter with her. With many events from a decade ago impacting on current events, meeting up with some of her old friends may well be welcome but what about the man she left waiting to marry her, Brett Jackson Starr, and her conniving, manipulative and vicious bullying ex stepdad? Life’s never simple but it is sure to be more complicated now!

… The characters are well developed, the emotional turmoil of Jacie deciding whether to dare to give their love a second chance yet being torn by loyalty to her daughter because of her traumatic teenage experiences with her step father all add to the drama. A great story, well written, enjoyable and engaging – a lovely romantic read to relax with!

Many thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for gifting me an ARC of this novel with no obligation. This is my honest review.


She’s not running anymore…

After a decade away, Jacie Rose has returned with her daughter to Sweetheart to renovate a historic hotel…and to lay some ghosts to rest. She knows she’ll have to confront mistakes she made in the past, but she didn’t expect to be living right next door to the guy she once asked to be her husband.

When Brett Starr was approached ten years ago by Jacie Rose with the wild scheme of marrying her to help her out of a jam, his white knight instincts kicked in and he agreed to be her emergency groom. The only problem was that the bride didn’t show up for the wedding. How’s he supposed to get used to seeing the woman he’s never forgotten every day now that she’s his neighbor?

Determined to provide the secure home life for her daughter that she never had, Jacie is not about to bring a man into her life—even one that she sometimes thinks should have been there all along. But Brett and Jacie soon discover the spark between them is even stronger than before… Now that their paths have crossed again, will they lead them back to the wedding that almost was?

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