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Review: Deep Breath by JM Miller

Collection: Falling in Deepdeep-breath

Title: Deep Breath by JM Miller

Author: JM Miller

Publisher: JM Miller

Published: June 15th, 2015

Pages: 123

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

What a wonderfully different novella this turned out to be – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After the tragic death of her mother from cancer, Marissa Pruitt returns to her family home to start to clear it out. Whilst doing so she discovers a mysterious pendant and a note containing coordinates written by her father, a marine archeologist who disappeared whilst diving searching for a mermaid he claims to have seen whilst diving in the Gulf of Mexico. These artefacts start Marissa on a quest to discover if her father really had discovered something rather than, as others have suggested, had lost his mind. To help her she contacts her father’s protégé to ask for her assistance…. and the adventure begins!

Deep Breath is a short but action packed adventure with merpeople, danger, treachery, murder and romance, a real page turner that is great to escape into. Although a relatively short story, the talented author still manages to bring her characters – both human and merpeople – to vivid life within the enthralling story. I’ll certainly be looking out for more by this author in future and have no hesitation in highly recommending this to anyone who enjoys very different paranormal romantic adventures packed with suspense.


* A Falling in Deep Collection novella*

Before disappearing at sea, Marissa Pruitt’s father—a once revered marine archaeologist—walked the line of insanity, claiming to have seen a mermaid during an ordinary dive in the Gulf of Mexico. He abandoned his life and career, completely obsessed with chasing the truth.

It’s been years since his death, and Marissa is still tormented by countless unanswered questions. When she finds dive coordinates and a stone pendant hidden in her father’s things, she asks for help from his old protégé and sets out to give her father one last goodbye and maybe find closure for her troubled heart. Instead, she finds the truth he’d been searching for all along, with a life and love she never could have imagined. But there’s a price to see it all, one set by betrayal and paid with an anchor at her feet and salt water in her lungs.


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