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Review: The Reckoning by Holly Martin

Series: The Sentinel #4 the-reckoning

Title: The Reckoning

Author: Holly Martin

Published: December 16th, 2017

Pages: 205

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

This series is a spectacular fantasy adventure, a true page turner where I’ve read all four books back to back, not wanting to miss what happens next. It is an enthralling, emotive journey, especially in this, the fourth book in the series – the one where everything comes to a head.

At 24% through this final book now I had mixed feelings – I was totally loving it, desperate to know what happens but, at the same time, just didn’t want it to end . . .

At 63% I was still loving it and didn’t want to put it down . . .

By 65% though, It was so emotional – traumatically so!

By the end I was just amazed. I thoroughly loved it and the emotive roller coaster journey it proved to be, with so many twists and turns it felt you might be derailed at any moment! There continue to be surprises, shocks, attempts on Eve’s life and betrayal. You’re never quite sure how things can possibly work out but, with her skilful word craft, Holly Martin has written a moving, fascinating and perilous journey, taking Eve from the world she grew up in to become a super heroine, someone destined to save the world if only others will let her.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed escaping into this stupendous action packed story and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to fantasy lovers whatever their age. It has been a brilliant series on which to end 2016, I just hope to find others somewhere near as good in 2017! Happy reading in 2017, everyone!


The clock is ticking…

As The Sentinel, Eve knows she was created with a sole purpose in mind – to save the world from complete destruction. Over the past twelve months, she has trained to fulfill this prophecy. As Eve has grown stronger in her powers, so have the dangers around her. With threats coming from all sides, Eve has shown the ultimate resilience in survival, to live for this moment she was destined for.

Now that moment is almost upon her

But according to Eve’s prophecy, she must find a way to work with her brother, Adam to ensure the world is saved.

As the end of days rapidly approach, Eve is threatened at every turn. Even those closest to her are plotting against her including some of her most trusted Guardians and friends.

But one constant has been her husband, Seth. Eve dreams of getting through this final battle to live a life that is normal where she and Seth and their friends and family will be free of danger.

But can she save the world and save herself? Or will her destiny be to save everyone else, and lose her life as a result, never knowing what it is like to live in peace with the one man she loves.

Will she even survive long enough to fulfill her destiny? Who can she really trust? And how will she find a way to work with her brother who hates her so much? What will she have to sacrifice to ensure that relationship?

Time will reveal all to Eve. But time is running out… 

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