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Review: The Revenge by Holly Martin

Series: The Sentinel #3the-revenge

Title: The Revenge

Author: Holly Martin

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published: September 29th, 2015

Pages: 235

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

The second book in this fantastic fantasy series ended on a real cliffhanger – so much so that I just had to read this sequel immediately – so glad I’d got the complete series on my kindle so there was no need to wait! Boy this story drags you into the action packed adventure. The characters are great – I’m really rooting for Eve through all the trauma and turmoil she experiences throughout this series! With a brother like Adam, she really doesn’t need all her other enemies! As many of her supporters desert her, the stalwart group have to work harder than ever to keep her safe, especially when she starts being attacked in her dreams! You start to wonder if things can get any worse for her – then they do!

I must admit this is a totally enthralling series, full of action and suspense, that I am loving! Each book so far, including this one, has been a real page turner that I really didn’t want to put down. Eve and all the other characters have been brought to life in my imagination by this highly talented author – I really didn’t want to stop reading and am keen to start on book 4, The Reckoning, but thought I’d really better write this review first. That’s it now, though, just got to find out what happens next! Highly recommend this and all the earlier books in the series – I can’t wait to read how it concludes!


After the Oraculum orders Eve’s execution, she has to flee her home in the fort as those that have been guarding over her are forced to turn against her. Amongst the chaos, a new Sentinel is named. Adam, Eve’s half-brother.

Adam has spent his life incarcerated by the Oraculum while Eve was allowed to grow up with a family and friends. Now he is hell bent on revenge. He rules over his Guardians and his new kingdom with arrogance and a cold heart, but his one ambition is to make Eve’s life a living hell. Nowhere is safe from him, not even her dreams.

With the threat from the Putarians moving closer, her own Guardians betraying her, the survival of the world hinges in the balance.

Above all else, Adam must be stopped. But when Eve has a prophecy of her and Adam saving the world together, she quickly realizes she needs to work with him not against him.

But can Eve get through to Adam before it’s too late? Or will Adam’s evil heart result in the destruction of all?

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