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Spotlight: Three Times Torn by Felisha Antonette


Bonds may be broken.

Out Jan 9th– Three Times Torn, book two in the A Burdened Novel series.

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Title: Three Times Tornthree-times-torn-cover

Author: Felisha Antonette

Series: A Burdened Novel #2

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Date: January 9, 2017

Print Length: 437 Pages

Format: Digital and Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9971455-4-0

Living for someone has never been this literal. Tracey’s fun and free life has taken a nefarious turn. Since releasing her heart to Nathan, the repercussions for choosing to love a Burdened Sephlem have been deadly, daunting, and more dangerous than she ever predicted.

If life only allowed her a moment to breathe, to break away from her tainted father and chaotic friend, the injurious bonding may be easier. But there are sentiments rushing through her veins that is twisting her through a whirlwind of bliss and chaos. And a breath of fresh air only resides in one place. . . Until he’s changed. . .

Someone who lives to destroy Tracey’s mate, Nathan, has the perfect concoction for tragedy and Tracey is his primary ingredient. Influenced by the sinister intentions of Roehl, Nathan’s half-brother, Tracey’s outlook on her bond has faltered. She will be required to choose again, and all signs point in the wrong direction; for her and her friend.

Can bonds tied to the soul be broken? Or will a Burdened Sephlem have to bare his soul to keep his mate.

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An Excerpt to whet your appetite:
You know that moment when you’re falling, almost floating in the sky, but really you’re plummeting? Then you slam down and that’s not it, the force of your fall as you’re smashing against the cracked concrete brings you to bounce back up just before you start falling again. . .?

That’s where I am, right there in between the rise and the fall. And I’m kind of stuck. I’ve felt the rush of the fall and the pain from the landing. Now, I’m ready to settle down even knowing it’ll hurt when I hit again.

I squeeze my eyes shut, counting down from ten. You can do this, Tracey, I try, try to encourage myself. Resist it, I think, hearing the strain in my thought. I grit down on my teeth only at five one-thousand.

Ugh! I can’t. It doesn’t hurt, it just drives me freaking insane! Nate, please? Please come up here.

Sparky, he carries with his grumble.

Nathan? I beg.

Sparks, baby. I literally. Lit-er-a-lly just left you like forty-five minutes ago.

I slump down in my chair, scraping my thumbnails over each other. A bubble builds in my chest as a masking irritation itches my flesh—every inch of me.

Nathan sighs. I’ll come up there when you go on lunch. You’re killing me, Sparks.

This stupid bond is killing me, I rant. I know, Nate. Don’t say it. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate being crazy over you. He laughs. I get it all. The love, lust, the obsession.

Talk to me later, okay? I’ve gotta get some work done since I’m cutting the day short.

Me too. I sigh, looking over my notes, comparing them to what’s on the whiteboard. They don’t match. I might’ve dazed out at some point and started scribbling what I thought I heard.



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Four Times Broken:

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felisha-antonetteAbout Feilsha Antonette:

Felisha (Peiri) Antonette writes heart-throbbing young adult and new adult romantic suspense, paranormal, science fiction, and contemporary romance with compelling characters who stick with you long after you turn the last page.

When she’s not writing, Felisha spends time with her beautiful daughter, staying cool in Arizona, considering mountain climbing, and finding a way to get back to her hometown Chicago. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, she can pick apart a person’s motivations to create a believable character, but she has yet to master time management.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | BookBub | Instagram


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